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If you can’t seem to get to sleep when you want to or find yourself waking up several times throughout the night, you’re one of many adults who suffers from insomnia. No single thing can explain sudden insomnia, butseveral unexpected causes may becontributing to your lack of shut-eye. For example, eating too many fatty foods close to bedtime may shift your digestive system into overdrive, making sleep difficult to achieve. Alcohol induced insomnia can keep you awake due to the rebound effect alcohol has on sleep quality, while alcohol withdrawal insomnia is common in heavy drinkers. Changing up your medications – even down to the dosage amount – is known to cause insomnia. Early pregnancy is notorious for disrupting sleep, too, so tell your health specialist if you have a tough time falling asleep after finding out you’re expecting. Beyond that, unknown sleep disorders like sleep apnea could be to blame for your late nights, as symptoms can be subtle and difficult to detect.
It might be the norm to share a bed with your partner, but a snoring partner and sleep deprivation are closely linked. In fact, spouses of snoring partners wake up 21 times per hour each night when compared to spouses of non-snorers. These disruptions quickly add up, causing massive sleep debt. Aside from being dangerous, sleep debt and deprivation are thought to make us more reactive, impulsive, and grouchy, which is a recipe for even more relationship disasters. If your sleeping schedules or preferences are different, there are a few solutions to improve your relationship and sleep quality. For one, switching your sleep patterns from one long chunk into two or more sections may provide more flexibility with your schedule. Plus, it’s how we naturally slept prior to the industrial revolution. If there’s no other option, you and your partner may benefit from sleeping in separate beds. Although it sounds like a drastic option, a temporary sleep divorce may be necessary to get your health back on track. The Scandinavian sleep method offers a compromise that involves sleeping with two separate blankets rather than one. Moreover, addressing the root cause of your partner’s snoring can solve your sleep disruptions altogether. Typically, mouth breathing is a common culprit - and over 60 percent of us do it habitually rather than breathing through our noses.
Snoring is infamous for disrupting and fragmenting both your sleep and your partner’s sleep. It’s even known to be a top cause of relationship issues and breakups. If you want to stop snoring for good, you have to first track your snoring and sleep habits. Thanks to modern technology, many snoring trackers allow you to record sleep disturbances, track daily habits, and try out anti-snoring solutions to see what works well for you. Many of the best snoring apps come at no cost as a free smartphone app. We’ve rounded up our top three best snoring trackers to help you monitor and examine sleep and snoring patterns, improve sleep habits, and most importantly, save your relationship from total destruction due to snoring. Once you choose a snoring tracker that offers sleep insights and actionable suggestions, you’ll be able to examine what to avoid before bed to prevent snoring, what to add to your daily routine to help your sleep quality, and you can even play back recordings to understand what noises are pulling you out of deep sleep phases.
Our bodies are intricate, intuitive machines. Our hearts beat, our immune systems fend off germs, and we breathe in and out all without having to think about it. However, some of us have habitually become dysfunctional breathers and, as a result, dysfunctional sleepers. If you’re breathing in and out of your mouth, you’re not helping your body. In fact, you’re doing more harm than good. Conversely, the nose is nature’s air filter and most effective snoring solution. Breathing through the nose at night keeps the airway from collapsing in on itself, unlike mouth breathing, which leads to airway obstruction and disruptful snoring. Nasal breathing helps the body operate at equilibrium by detecting harm in the environment, filtering out harmful particles from the air, and adding nitric oxide to each breath.
Snoring ruins the sleep of millions each night. Chances are, you’ve either kicked a snoring partner in their sleep or you’ve been kicked due to your snoring. Whether you’re the snoring partner or the one trying to get some much-needed rest that’s free from the sound of sawing logs, you need a snore aid in your life. Breathe Right snoring strips are boasted as a popular snoring prevention tool. But do they really work? Does science support the use of snoring strips, or are they just another useless gimmick? Find out what researchers had to say about Breathe Right strips, whether or not they can be used for more than just snoring, and if they’re truly worth trying to improve nasal breathing and stop open-mouth snoring at night.
If you or your partner snores, you’re likely desperate to try anything that will put the snoring to an end. There’s nothing worse than snoring yourself awake or being kept awake by your partner who is busy sawing logs in their sleep. Snoring is not only an annoyance that keeps us up at night; it’s a danger to our wellbeing. That’s why identifying snoring remedies that work for you and your lifestyle is so important to your health (and sanity). That’s why we’ve found five snoring remedies that actually work. From nasal strips to high-tech anti-snoring wristbands, to overall lifestyle changes, there is an effective snoring remedy out there that is best for you and your sleep habits.
Snoring at night is a reality you may think you have to accept. However, the top cause is more simple to fix than you may think. Mouth breathing at night leads to snoring and can be corrected by switching to nasal breathing. Moreover, correcting your breathing can do more than just stop the snoring – it can improve your health, quality of life, and state of mind. Mouth breathing harms oxygen levels, damages immunity, and more while nasal breathing filters and humidifies our breath, adding nitric oxide to the mix to take our stress levels down. Once you understand the mechanics of why breathing through your mouth while sleeping leads to snoring and various health concerns, you can shift your focus to stopping mouth breathing in its tracks.
Sleeping with a snorer is miserable. With each snore, you’re reminded that your partner is asleep while you remain awake. Snoring is most commonly caused by open mouth breathing during sleep, which causes the tissues within the airway to fall backward. As these tissues block the airway, they vibrate together with each breath, producing the dreadful sound of snoring that keeps us awake at night. Many accessories on the market can help you achieve a quiet night’s rest. Some accessories work by helping to drown out the sound of your partner’s snoring, while others work to prevent the snoring altogether. The choice is yours. We’ve gathered the five best accessories for sleeping with a snorer so you can select the perfect one for improved sleep today.
There are multiple devices out there for snoring prevention, but it’s hard to determine which ones actually work and which ones are a waste of time and money. Nose strips, however, are a viable option for stopping the snoring for good. There are two main types: internal dilators and external dilators. We’ve gathered the best of both worlds to help you find the option that works best for your nose shape and airway health needs. No matter the nose strip you choose, mouth breathing at night is still possible. If you want to cover all your bases, combine mouth tape with your nose strips for snoring. This combination ensures you’ll experience snoreless nights, improved sleep, and boosted quality of life.
Have a wife or husband who snores? Chances are, you’re either the snorer or the observer. Either way, snoring fragments our sleep by waking us up multiple times throughout the night. So how do you get any sleep with a snoring partner? By eliminating the root cause of snoring: mouth breathing. Certain lifestyle changes such as weight loss or allergy treatments can help to prevent mouth breathing and encourage nasal breathing, the optimal breathing method. Snoring devices and accessories work to physically open up nasal passageways or maintain a proper lip seal necessary for mouth breathing. Which option is right for you?
Snoring is one of the biggest relationship killers. But snoring doesn’t just interrupt your partner’s sleep -- it reduces the quality of yours. The leading cause of snoring at night? Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. Learning how to sleep with your mouth closed at night can make all the difference between a loud, snore-filled sleep and a quiet, peaceful night for both you and your partner. Decongesting, replacing your pillows, losing weight, and increasing your water intake can all help, but mouth taping requires no extra effort or added steps. It works to physically keep your lips sealed and makes mouth breathing at night virtually impossible.

Wait, tape my mouth at night? Yep. Tape your mouth at night. Here’s why men are trying out nasal breathing and mouth taping at night for better sleep and improved quality of life.