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5 Snoring Remedies (That Actually Work)

5 Snoring Remedies (That Actually Work)

If you have a partner who snores throughout the night, you know how disrupting it can be to your sleep. What you may not know is that snoring actually disrupts your partner’s sleep, too. 

While they may seem blissfully unaware of the loud sound their snoring makes, it actually fragments their sleep just as much as yours. That means you’ll both wake up unrested, fatigued, and irritable.

But the damage goes deeper than you may think. That’s why we’ve scrounged up five snoring remedies that work to correct snoring and improve your (and your partner’s) night’s rest. 

Before we discuss the specifics of each remedy, let’s closely examine the dangers associated with untreated snoring. 

The Hazards of Snoring

An estimated 37 million Americans snore regularly. 56 percent of partners who sleep with a snorer say that it has a harmful effect on their overall wellbeing. 

Fragmented, disrupted sleep throws your internal clock out of whack. This causes the body to release larger amounts of stress hormones like cortisol. 

Mood swings, headaches, increased anxiety, and more follow. This reaction places your body into a state of fight or flight. 

Being stuck in fight or flight mode is like pushing the gas pedal to the floor in a car – you’re operating in overdrive to react to any perceived dangers. The problem is, there is no real danger: just your body reacting to being placed in a stressed state. 


Once cortisol rises, it becomes harder to calm down, or enter a state of relaxation known as “rest and digest.”

Snoring also raises your risk for conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, and more. 

Whether you’re the snoring partner or attempting to sleep next to one, you’re placing your body in a stressful state that’s hard to escape. 

Putting the snoring to an end is the only solution that will lead to the restful sleep you and your partner deserve. But which snoring remedy is right for you? And how do you find a snoring solution that works?

Mouth Breathing Leads to Snoring

Most snoring devices focus on either keeping the nasal passages open or keeping the jaw properly aligned.

This is because snoring is usually caused by mouth breathing. If your jaw muscles are weak or you’re a habitual mouth breather, your mouth likely falls open as you rest. 

As a result, the airway narrows and tissues vibrate together, producing the sound of snoring. 


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Beyond that, mouth breathing and snoring dry out the airway, carry allergens and germs to the lungs, harm your oral health, and more. 

Nasal breathing, on the other hand, filters the air we breathe, adds moisture and temperature control to the breath, and helps promote a proper tongue posture and lip seal that prevents snoring. 

Finding a snoring remedy that works depends on finding a snoring device or accessory that keeps your nostrils dilated and mouth sealed. 

One of the most widely used snoring remedies? Nasal strips. 

1. Nasal Strips Keep the Nostrils Open

Although it seems gimmicky, nasal strips are proven to work. 

External nasal strips are made of a rigid plastic that acts as a spring once adhered to the nostrils, keeping the nostrils from collapsing in on themselves as you breathe. 

A recent study tracked the respiratory disturbance index (RDI) of 26 patients. Before using nasal strips that adhere to the outside of the nostrils, the participants had an RDI higher than 10. 

After using the nasal strips,19 of the 26 patients showed a reduction of RDI, indicating that the strips reduced snore-causing nasal obstruction. 

Internal nasal dilators are another option, which work by opening up the nostrils from the inside rather than adhering to the outside. However, these may be uncomfortable and require a bit of a learning curve to get used to using. 

These devices wedge inside of the nose, and there is currently no evidence that internal dilators are more effective at reducing congestion and keeping the nostrils free and clear than external dilators. 

However, some may find that nasal strips irritate the skin. 

An anti-snore wristband is a non-irritating option if you’re open to trying something more high-tech and experimental. 

2. Anti-Snoring Wristbands Beat Snoring With Nerve Stimulation

The Sleep Connection Anti-Snore Wristband monitors the sound of the room when you’re sleeping. The device features a biosensor that detects snoring. 

If it senses snoring, it sends a small electrical feedback signal, known as nerve stimulation, to your wrist. This electrical stimulation is gentle enough to make you switch positions and stop the snoring without waking you up. 

You simply put the device on your wrist before going to bed and let it do the work for you. In theory, these devicesdo work to stop snoring. However, since they may bring you out of a deep sleep, they aren’t treating the root cause. 

Moreover, they are pricey: one wristband is around $117. 

Shifting your focus to a remedy that physically places the mouth in a proper posture with sealed lips is key. 

3. Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) Prop The Jaw Forward

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) physically prop the jaw and tongue forward. This reduces the constriction of the throat muscles, lowering the chance for snoring and in some cases, even sleep apnea. 

In fact, they are clinically proven to be a viable treatment option for mild cases of sleep apnea. 

Some MADs are custom-made to fit your specific mouth shape, while others offer a universal fit. 

SnoreMD is an affordable, semi-custom option, while SnoreRx offers a fully-customizable fit at a higher price point. 

The next snoring remedy that works isn’t a fancy device, but an overall lifestyle change.

4. Lose Weight/Maintain an Ideal Weight

If you have excess weight on your body, the extra skin and tissue in and around the throat may be the cause of your snoring. 

In truth, 2 out of 3 patients with obstructive sleep apnea are obese. 

This is a feedback loop that is hard to break. Snoring and fatigue cause hunger and may decrease your daytime activity, which leads to weight gain. Then, weight gain causes snoring, worsening the problem. 

Exercise, a well-balanced diet of whole foods, and a caloric deficit can help you shed unnecessary pounds and improve not only your sleep but your overall wellbeing. 

However, even with a healthy lifestyle, mouth breathing is still possible. The only way to beat it? Physically seal it shut as you sleep. (Yes, seriously.)

5. Mouth Tape Physically Seals the Mouth Shut

Mouth tape functions similarly to nasal strips, but for the mouth rather than the nose. 

Nasal strips adhere to the nostrils to keep the mouth open, while mouth tape adheres to the lips to keep the mouth closed. This prevents harmful mouth breathing, allowing the tongue to rest up against the top palate of the mouth rather than falling back into the airway. 

As a result, nasal breathing is the only breathing method available, which is how we were designed to breathe. 

Mouth tape not only prevents snoring, but it allows users to reap all of the health benefits of nasal breathing and the nitric oxide produced by the body when we breathe through the nose. 

This molecule has been proven to balance hormones, regulate stress, boost immunity, enhance memory, and more. 

Of all of the snoring remedies that actually work, mouth tape is the only one that physically seals the lips to prevent snore-causing mouth breathing. 

But you’re probably asking yourself, “what kind of tape will work?”

SomniFix: The Ultimate Snoring Solution

Once you’ve heard that mouth tape is an effective snoring remedy that works, you might reach for the closest tape you can find before hitting the hay. 

Despite your positive motivations, the adhesive used in most tapes is full of harmful and irritating chemicals. 

That means rashes, irritation, and even sores around the mouth. SomniFix, however, is hypoallergenic, skin-safe, and free of gluten and latex. 

No matter your skin type, SomniFix is so comfortable and non-irritating you’ll forget you’re wearing mouth tape at all. 

You’ll nasal breathe as you sleep and experience a restful night free from snoring. Better yet, if you’re the partner of a snorer, you’ll rest uninterrupted once your partner applies the tape. 

Use SomniFix tonight for improved health, top-notch, unfragmented sleep, and your best airway health yet!

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