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Do Breathe Right Strips Really Prevent Snoring?

Do Breathe Right Strips Really Prevent Snoring?

If your partner snores at night, you’ll do nearlyanything to make the snoring stop NOW. Before you give your partner a nudge (or worse), consider trying this snore prevention aid designed to act as the perfect anti-snoring tool. 

Breathe Right nasal strips are among the most popular anti-snoring aids on the market. But are they worth the hype? And do they actually work?

Before we uncover whether or not Breathe Right nasal strips actually prevent snoring, let’s first talk about what exactly snoring is, what causes it, and why it’s dangerous. 

What Causes Snoring? Why Is It Dangerous?

You may think that since so many people snore, it’s perfectly normal. However, it’s usually a sign of a more concerning underlying issue.  

On top of that, snoring interferes with sleep quality for both youand your partner. Over time, this fragments our sleep, causing morning headaches, daytime fatigue, memory and concentration challenges, and more.

In fact, around 40 percent of people who sleep next to a snorer report that their mood and overall wellbeing are negatively impacted by the sleep interruptions it causes. 

If left untreated, the snorer may develop a more serious condition as a result of their chronic snoring, such as obstructive sleep apnea.  This condition consists of repetitive pauses in breathing caused by physical blockages in the airway.

The tissues within the airway vibrate together, producing the sound of snoring. However, if they become severe, full blockages can occur that impede our oxygen supply during sleep. 

That means you’ll not only have to deal with sleep deprivation, you’re also placing yourself at greater risk for heart disease, anxiety, depression, increased chances of stroke, and more health issues. 

A major contributor to open-mouth snoring that poses a risk to your health? Mouth breathing. Many of us do it. Around 71 percent, as a matter of fact. 

As humans, our noses are for breathing and smelling, while the mouth is for eating and drinking. Oftentimes, we resort to mouth breathing because we can’t breathe out of our noses optimally as a result of nasal congestion or nasal collapse.

Whether you’re the snorer or the sleeping partner of one, the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid health complications. 

Breathe Right nasal strips have been marketed as a quick, simple snoring prevention aid. But do they really work to stop snoring and mouth breathing in its tracks?

How Breathe Right Nasal Strips Work

Nasal dilators treat snoring by widening and opening the nasal passages. There are two commonly-used types: 

  • External nasal dilators, which open the nasal passages by adhering to the external skin of the nose
  • Internal nasal dilators, which are placed inside of the nostrils and open the nasal passageway from the inside for ease of airflow 

Breathe Right nasal strips are external dilators made of a rigid plastic material. One side of the strip features an adhesive that sticks to the skin. Once applied to the nose, the plastic “springs” back open, opening the nostrils along with it. 

By placing an external nasal dilator like Breathe Right just behind the nostril and over the nasal bone, the nasal cavity expands, allowing for easier nasal breathing and improved oxygenation. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s the research to back it up. 

Let Science Be the Judge

As we’ve discussed, snoring is a significant problem in the bedroom for both the partner and the one snoring. 

Nasal dilation improves nasal congestion, allowing us to nasal breathe during the night instead of breathing through the mouth.

A recent study proved that this is more than just a myth. A group of 35 heavy snorers (of which 18 were female and 17 were male) were studied before sleeping with a Breathe Right strip on, and after sleeping with a strip on for 14 nights. 

After using the strips, researchers saw a notable decrease in snoring, according to the subjects’ sleeping partners. Mouth dryness also decreased, suggesting that instances of mouth breathing were lowered. 

Participants also found that they were less sleepy during the day after sleeping with a Breathe Right strip over their nose in comparison to sleeping without one. 

Although Breathe Right strips are a proven anti-snore aid, some people use them to treat more than just snoring. 

For instance, some athletes wear them while they work out. 

Do Breathe Right Snoring Strips Help With More Than Snoring?

Breathe Right is a tried-and-true snore aid. However, many of us have seen athletes such as professional football player J.J. Watt wear them out on the field. 

Believe it or not, Breathe Right originally intended for their strips to serve this purpose before realizing the impact the strips had on snoring. 

The idea is that the strips keep the nostrils dilated, allowing for maximum nasal breathing during physical exertion. This can boost endurance, speed, and performance due to nitric oxide produced within the body during nasal breathing. 

Although no conclusive evidence proves that the strips improve athletic performance, many athletes choose to wear them during allergy season or if they suffer from a deviated septum that causes nostril collapse. 

There’s just one problem: whether Breathe Right strips are used to prevent snoring or boost endurance, mouth breathing is still possible. 

The Problem: Mouth Breathing is Still Possible

Although Breathe Right snoring strips are proven to improve snoring by making nasal breathing easier, the mouth can still fall open.

That means that open-mouth snoring and airway collapse remain a possibility. 

Here’s where an alternative shines through: mouth taping. Adding mouth taping to your nasal taping regime ensures that your mouth stays shut while your nose is dilated. 

As a result, you can nasal breathe with ease without the risk of open mouth snoring while at rest. 

Moreover, both nasal strips and mouth strips can be used in combination with a CPAP machine if you suffer from sleep apnea, eliminating the need for an uncomfortable and cumbersome chin strap. 

Find a specialized, comfortable fit with SomniFix Mouth Strips to ensure that skin irritation and rashes don’t replace your snoring problem. 

Breathe Right and SomniFix: Stellar Strips 

If you want maximum protection against snoring, Breathe Right and SomniFix are an unmatched combination. 

One works to keep the nostrils open, while our strips work to keep the mouth closed. 


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Snoring prevention doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Our strips are made of a skin-safe material with a comfortable gel-like adhesive. 

Better yet, SomniFix is free from gluten and latex, making them the perfect option for even the most sensitive of skin. 

After putting on your Breathe Right snoring strip, pop a SomniFix Strip over your lips and hit the hay. You’ll nasal breathe into the night and experience snore-free sleep, which is a win for both you and your partner. 

Strip your way to your best sleep yet with the winning combination of Breathe Right and SomniFix!

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