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Our bodies are intricate, intuitive machines. Our hearts beat, our immune systems fend off germs, and we breathe in and out all without having to think about it. However, some of us have habitually become dysfunctional breathers and, as a result, dysfunctional sleepers. If you’re breathing in and out of your mouth, you’re not helping your body. In fact, you’re doing more harm than good. Conversely, the nose is nature’s air filter and most effective snoring solution. Breathing through the nose at night keeps the airway from collapsing in on itself, unlike mouth breathing, which leads to airway obstruction and disruptful snoring. Nasal breathing helps the body operate at equilibrium by detecting harm in the environment, filtering out harmful particles from the air, and adding nitric oxide to each breath.
Everyone has a daily routine to keep their health in check. We shower, brush our teeth, take our medications and vitamins, and more. But what if your routine was missing something and you didn’t even know it? If you’re not giving your breath the attention it deserves, you may be unknowingly harming your body and mind. Mouth breathing causes numerous health risks, such as high blood pressure, poor oxygenation, and cavities. Nasal breathing not only prevents these risks, but offers multiple health benefits that can improve your quality of life and sleep patterns. Learning how to prevent mouth breathing is key to getting the best sleep of your life. It’s also one of the easiest ways to revamp your health. That’s why we’ve gathered all the reasons why mouth breathing prevention is important.
Although it sounds harmless, breathing through your mouth causes the body to work overtime. Many of us breathe through our mouths due to nasal congestion, a deviated septum, or small nostrils. No matter the cause, mouth breathing increases the risk for a large list of health conditions, such as heart disease, anxiety, chronic stress, tooth decay, and more. In contrast, nasal breathing helps the body (and brain) operate more efficiently than ever before. The benefits of nose breathing are seemingly endless. Nasal breathing helps to boost our immunity, improve cardiovascular health, enhance sleep quality, prevent snoring, and more. If you aren’t already a nasal breather, these five benefits of nose breathing just might convince you to become one.
There’s conflicting information about almost every trending health product out there. One week, a product is said to boost health, but may be criticized the next. Mouth tape seems like just another gimmick, but science shows it may actually improve your health. For starters, it promotes nasal breathing, the ideal way of breathing for optimal oxygenation. Mouth taping at night can lower your stress levels, boost immunity, and even improve your oral health by preventing cavities. Better yet, wearing tape on your mouth at night is essential for getting uninterrupted, snore-free sleep.
 There seems to be a new hack for almost everything. But what about a hack for breathing during running? Is it better to breathe through the nose or the mouth when running? Turns out, breathing through the nose while on a run is one of the best “hacks” for improving your performance and stamina. Research shows that it slows down respiratory rates and decreases the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide output. This allows the cells to oxygenate more efficiently, helping you run faster and harder for longer. The journey of making the switch from mouth breathing to nasal breathing takes practice. That said, mouth tape is the perfect tool to help you train your lungs just like you’ve been training your body. 
The latest exercise accessories on the market help us elevate our workouts and give us the edge we need to train harder. But what if the best “gadget” wasn’t a gadget at all? Best of all, it’s completely free: it’s your nose. Nasal breathing can help us push our bodies to the limit with lowered fatigue, faster recovery times, and injury prevention. Mouth breathing, on the other hand, harms our health and performance. By incorporating nasal breathing into your exercise regimine, you’ll oxygenate the body properly, eliminate stress hormones, and achieve peak fitness levels. It may take some getting used to, but switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing is the secret weapon your fitness routine needs.
Breathing is an automatic process. Or is it? The way you breathe may be based on habit rather than necessity. If you breathe through your mouth, for example, you are causing more harm than good within your body. Nasal breathing, on the other hand, is how we were designed to breathe. Our sleep quality and health revolve around the nose. The nose produces nitric oxide, a miracle molecule that keeps our bodies functioning at their maximum efficiency. Nasal breathing during the day is achievable, but what about at night? Physical aids like mouth tape ensure that we can nasal breathe even while asleep, boost our health while we dream, and even prevent snoring!
Taping your mouth at night sounds like yet another health fad to roll your eyes at. However, the technique is actually backed by science, which is certainly nothing to scoff at. 
Guest post from Breathe with Georgie. Why the way you breathe could be causing your insomnia, bad morning breath and annoying night time trips to the loo!
The winter months are harsh and cold in more ways than one. Winter is the time of year when most of us get sick with a respiratory illness, the flu, or feel generally under the weather due to being stuck inside for so long. Thankfully, your nose is there to get you through the flu season.
Running is a simple way to keep stress levels down and boost your health. But what if the addition of one simple tool could help you perform better, run longer, and even sleep well? Mouth tape does just that by promoting stress-busting nasal breathing that helps your body operate at an optimal level.
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