The benefits of nose breathing

It warms and humidifies inhaled air, protecting the airway and lungs in a cold, dry environment.

It produces nitric oxide, a gas that kills bacteria in airborne particles, thus boosting immunity.

Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, protecting us from stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

It helps us maintain optimal blood oxygen saturation, meaning enhanced focus, strength, and stamina.

It is good for your mouth and sinuses by reducing dry mouth and nasal congestion.

Breathe the way you are meant to, all day and all night


How we breathe determines how we sleep. Transform your sleep with SomniFix® Mouth Strips.

During sleep, we experience a relaxation of the muscles in and around the jaw and neck. As a result, the mouth falls open, and mouth breathing dominates, leading to lowered sleep quality. And mouth breathing leads to snoring for some. As the mouth opens, and the diameter of the upper respiratory airway narrows. Then, the tongue relaxes, resting in the back of the mouth instead of in its natural position alongside the hard palate behind the front teeth. The open mouth and concurrent airway obstacles discourage nasal breathing and lead to snoring.

Check out how SomniFix Mouth Strips optimize sleep by simply encouraging nose breathing.

Why SomniFix


Enhance your workouts with Bo-oST™ Mouth Strips.

There is a great opportunity to extract maximum benefit from workouts by changing the way we breathe. During exercise, the body has a greater need for oxygen than during rest. But mouth breathing has deleterious effects on oxygen saturation because when we hyperventilate, we exhale too much carbon dioxide (CO2). And when we don’t have enough CO2, oxygen (O2) doesn’t release from the red blood cells to the muscles and organs. Nose breathing with Bo-oST™ Mouth Strips regulate breathing cadence to keep the CO2-O2 exchange highly efficient. Learn more about Bo-oST™.

Don't fret, you can still mouth-breathe through the breathable central vent, and it detaches just by opening your mouth with a little force.

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