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Snoring is infamous for disrupting and fragmenting both your sleep and your partner’s sleep. It’s even known to be a top cause of relationship issues and breakups. If you want to stop snoring for good, you have to first track your snoring and sleep habits. Thanks to modern technology, many snoring trackers allow you to record sleep disturbances, track daily habits, and try out anti-snoring solutions to see what works well for you. Many of the best snoring apps come at no cost as a free smartphone app. We’ve rounded up our top three best snoring trackers to help you monitor and examine sleep and snoring patterns, improve sleep habits, and most importantly, save your relationship from total destruction due to snoring. Once you choose a snoring tracker that offers sleep insights and actionable suggestions, you’ll be able to examine what to avoid before bed to prevent snoring, what to add to your daily routine to help your sleep quality, and you can even play back recordings to understand what noises are pulling you out of deep sleep phases.
If you or your partner snores, you’re likely desperate to try anything that will put the snoring to an end. There’s nothing worse than snoring yourself awake or being kept awake by your partner who is busy sawing logs in their sleep. Snoring is not only an annoyance that keeps us up at night; it’s a danger to our wellbeing. That’s why identifying snoring remedies that work for you and your lifestyle is so important to your health (and sanity). That’s why we’ve found five snoring remedies that actually work. From nasal strips to high-tech anti-snoring wristbands, to overall lifestyle changes, there is an effective snoring remedy out there that is best for you and your sleep habits.
Sleeping with a snorer is miserable. With each snore, you’re reminded that your partner is asleep while you remain awake. Snoring is most commonly caused by open mouth breathing during sleep, which causes the tissues within the airway to fall backward. As these tissues block the airway, they vibrate together with each breath, producing the dreadful sound of snoring that keeps us awake at night. Many accessories on the market can help you achieve a quiet night’s rest. Some accessories work by helping to drown out the sound of your partner’s snoring, while others work to prevent the snoring altogether. The choice is yours. We’ve gathered the five best accessories for sleeping with a snorer so you can select the perfect one for improved sleep today.
I really enjoy the sound of my snoring partner,” said no one ever. Whether you’re the snorer or the snoree, you’re probably desperate to find a way to stop snoring at night and gain back unfragmented and uninterrupted sleep. Thankfully, there are many devices on the market that help keep the mouth closed while sleeping, which is essential for snoring prevention. Some are worn inside of the mouth or nose, while others are much less invasive and uncomfortable. No matter your needs, there is an anti-snoring device on the market for you -- you just have to find it first. We’ve done some of the work for you by rounding up the best 5 devices to keep your mouth closed while sleeping.
Have a wife or husband who snores? Chances are, you’re either the snorer or the observer. Either way, snoring fragments our sleep by waking us up multiple times throughout the night. So how do you get any sleep with a snoring partner? By eliminating the root cause of snoring: mouth breathing. Certain lifestyle changes such as weight loss or allergy treatments can help to prevent mouth breathing and encourage nasal breathing, the optimal breathing method. Snoring devices and accessories work to physically open up nasal passageways or maintain a proper lip seal necessary for mouth breathing. Which option is right for you?
Many people are desperate to achieve a good night’s sleep. And many people’s partners are desperate to find a solution that stops snoring in its tracks. Nasal dilators work to widen the nostrils, opening the nasal cavity in a non-invasive and non-medicated way that works to reduce snoring. Out of all internal and external nasal dilators, the Airmax Nasal Dilator has proven to be one of the most effective on the market. There’s just one problem: their appearance makes them intimidating to new users. Once you master how to use an Airmax Nasal Dilator, combine it with mouth tape strips for your best chance at quality, snore-free sleep.
Snoring is a unique health problem in that it doesn’t just affect the snorer, it also affects their partner. To solve their snoring woes, many people try snoring mouthpieces. How well do these devices actually work? Uncover the keys to stop snoring and bring silence back into the bedroom.
If your partner snores, it can put a huge strain on your relationship. Thankfully, by finding the right snoring device you can bring silent nights back into the bedroom. Let's analyze and rank the most common snoring devices to find out which one is best for you and your partner.