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It seems too simple that just taping your mouth can really lead to any noticeable improvements in your health. But what if we told you that it could? Mouth taping is one of the most simple and affordable changes you can make to your life to boost your health and sleep quality. Click here to discover mouth tape.
Getting a good night’s sleep with a CPAP machine seems near impossible. Until now! Discover how our customer, Steve, went from CPAP frustration to CPAP nirvana by building SomniFix into his nightly routine.
As an athlete, you probably think frequently about how training, diet, hydration, sleep, and rest help you perform. But have you ever give much thought to your breathing? Discover how to optimize your breathing and use The Bohr Effect to take your endurance and physical fitness to new heights.
If you’re training hard, it seems unlikely that your nose can help you reach your athletic goals. But in reality it can have profound benefits, thanks to The Bohr Effect. Uncover how to use the Bohr Effect to level up your endurance and physical performance.
There are two types of sleep tape: nose tape and mouth tape. So which one is the superior choice for promoting nasal breathing and helping you breathe through congestion? Is one type of strip better than another for stopping snoring in its tracks? Let's dive in. 
:A blocked nose makes you wish you hadn’t taken the sweet, easy feeling of breathing for granted. On top of that, it’s actually extremely hard on your body and mind to be unable to breathe through your nose. While you’re praying for relief, there are luckily a few things you can try to clear a stuffy nose while sleeping.
Mouth breathing isn’t charming. Worse than that, it puts a huge strain on your mental and physical health. Nose breathing is much better for your body and mind. This is thanks largely in part to nitric oxide, which the body produces when nasal breathing. Discover the wonders and benefits of nitric oxide!
During periods of physical exertion, your muscles need all the oxygen they can get. And while blood oxygen level ranges from 95 to 99 percent, the delivery of that oxygen depends on the CO2 levels in the body. Nose breathing is the best way to safely increase CO2 levels in the body and boost performance.
Unfortunately modern day lifestyle has turned many of us into chronic mouth breathers. Why is this a problem? Well, mouth breathing can lead to a string of harmful health problems since the mouth doesn’t filter the air in the same way the nose does. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest concerns with mouth breathing.
If you’re experiencing problems with erectile dysfunction, the anxiety associated with it can be just as difficult to deal with as the condition itself. Luckily, there is a simple trick to cure ED quickly, without any drugs.
Mouth breathing is a threat to your health. So what’s the best medicine? Breathing through the nose instead. But how can you make the transition from breathing through the mouth to breathing through your nose, especially when it’s an unconscious habit? Uncover the keys of how to breathe through the nose.
What if you could lose weight, simply by changing the way you breathe? Uncover where fat actually goes once it’s lost, how it’s expelled from the body, and how breathing is the key. The truth might shock you!