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Professional athletes and celebrities alike have hopped aboard the mouth taping trend. But it’s more than just a popular fad – mouth tape is here to stay! Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Graham, and professional athletes Erling Haaland and Iga Swiatek swear by mouth tape for a reason. Mouth taping promotes nasal breathing, the most efficient method of oxygen delivery. Nasal breathing is key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Moreover, it leads to enhanced sleep quality, so you’ll wake feeling more refreshed than ever if you sleep with tape over your lips. Although it sounds outlandish, the idea has roots in ancient somatic breathwork practices that rely on nasal breathing for parasympathetic activation. Nitric oxide produced during nasal breathing shifts the body into a relaxed, restful state for improved general health.
Just because you can breathe in and out from your mouth doesn’t mean that you should. Believe it or not, our mouths weren’t designed to adequately help us exchange oxygen. Our noses, however, are. Your nose features filtration, temperature control, and humidification that your mouth lacks. Moreover, our noses produce nitric oxide, an amazing molecule that boosts immunity, helps us relax, and places the body in a relaxed state. If our noses are the best method of breathing, why are so many of us chronic mouth breathers? Our soft diets have caused narrowed airways and poor tongue posture that makes nasal breathing harder to achieve than it should be. Furthermore, the more you mouth breathe, the harder it is to stop. Luckily, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve to help you switch from mouth breathing to nasal breathing: sleep with your mouth taped shut.
Your nose is more than a facial feature. It’s a tool designed to help you exchange oxygen in the most efficient manner, helping your body and mind operate at top capacity. However, many of us are habitual mouth breathers, which leads to a myriad of health risks. Learning how to keep your mouth shut when sleeping is just as important as learning how to keep it shut during waking hours. If you’re mouth breathing instead of nasal breathing, you’re not only missing out on the benefits that the nose has to offer; you’re hindering your ability to focus, achieve quality sleep, and concentrate. We’ve gathered all the details that can help you make the switch. Examine your breathing patterns, decongest, and keep allergies in check. From there, focus on your sleeping position. Furthermore, be mindful that myofunctional therapy or professional help may be required. Finally, tape your nose and mouth as you sleep for optimal breathing and health.
Dry mouth is a common annoyance we all experience from time to time. But if it becomes chronic or happens often as you sleep, it leads to many oral health conditions (like cavities or gingivitis) that most of us don’t want to deal with. So why does it happen in the first place? Dry mouth is caused by numerous circumstances, such as autoimmune disorders, side effects of certain medications, or even something as simple as dehydration. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to get dry mouth under control so that you can take your life (and sleep) back!
Chances are, you’ve heard the term “mouthbreather” used to put someone down or call them less than intelligent. However, breathing through the mouth is something to be concerned about when it comes to the quality of your health. Mouth breathing leads to over-breathing caused by an excess of expelled carbon dioxide. This throws off your oxygenation, making the body work overtime. The mouth also lacks filtration that the nose offers through small hairs known as cilia. In addition, mouth breathing causes an unnatural jaw placement, abnormal tongue posture, poor sleep quality, snoring, and more. The key to preventing these health issues is to make the switch from mouth breathing to nasal breathing once and for all.
There’s conflicting information about almost every trending health product out there. One week, a product is said to boost health, but may be criticized the next. Mouth tape seems like just another gimmick, but science shows it may actually improve your health. For starters, it promotes nasal breathing, the ideal way of breathing for optimal oxygenation. Mouth taping at night can lower your stress levels, boost immunity, and even improve your oral health by preventing cavities. Better yet, wearing tape on your mouth at night is essential for getting uninterrupted, snore-free sleep.
Mouth breathing harms both the body and the mind. Nasal breathing, which is the intended breathing method we were designed to use, helps to heal and protect the body and mind. The biggest hurdle? The more you breathe through the mouth, the harder it becomes to nasal breathe instead. So how do you fix mouth breathing if you unconsciously breathe through your mouth out of habit? Although making the switch to nasal breathing can be a long journey, it is possible. Decongest your nose and put nasal breathing into practice throughout the day with various breathing techniques and pressure points. Finally, enlist the help of mouth tape to ensure nasal breathing at night.
Bad breath, dry mouth, and drool. We’re taught that these are simple realities of sleep. But they’re actually a result of a harmful habit: mouth breathing. We mouth breathe for a variety of reasons, such as nasal congestion caused by allergies or illness. This can wreck the quality of our sleep, activate stress hormones, put stress on the heart, and more. By nasal breathing instead, we can amend our sleep and our health. But how do you break the habit? There are several different approaches that may help, but if they don’t provide a proper lip seal, you’re still bound to mouth breathe. Luckily, mouth tape can save the day (and night).
Taping your mouth at night sounds like yet another health fad to roll your eyes at. However, the technique is actually backed by science, which is certainly nothing to scoff at. 

Something as automatic as breathing doesn’t need to be delved into, right? Wrong. The way you breathe affects the way your entire body functions. If you breathe through your mouth, you’re harming your body, mind, and health. That’s why it’s so vital to learn how to stop being a mouth breather. 

Wait, tape my mouth at night? Yep. Tape your mouth at night. Here’s why men are trying out nasal breathing and mouth taping at night for better sleep and improved quality of life.

With every new year, there’s a chance to wipe the slate clean, create new goals, shift our focus, and set an intention for the next 365 days. Why not make this the year you focus on something that impacts every aspect of your life: your sleep. Discover how the key to great sleep is as simple as taping your mouth.