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Whether you dream often or very little, we’ve all had similar dreams about different situations and events throughout our lives. Dreams can be so intense that even moments after waking, they feel like a reality. Sometimes, realizing that it was “all just a dream” is distressing, especially if your dream was particularly happy. Other times, dreams themselves are distressing and anxiety-inducing, especially if you dream of a natural disaster, such as a tornado. So what is the meaning behind our dreams? Why do we have them in the first place and what purpose do they serve? Why do we have both happy dreams and terrifying dreams? These questions have puzzled philosophers and scientists for years. While we still don’t have one solid answer, many popular theories give an important peek into the potential purpose of dreams.
How many days per week do you wake up feeling completely revitalized, renewed, and ready to face whatever the day throws your way? On the flip side, how many days per week do you wake up with unquenchable thirst and fatigue that lasts most of the morning? The truth is, most of us wake up in a panicked, uncomfortable state, oftentimes feeling thirsty and fatigued. However, you don’t have to wake up feeling drained. Addressing morning thirst and dry mouth are extremely important to your overall sense of wellbeing. Without proper saliva levels in the mouth, your risk for cavities, bad breath, sore throat, and dehydration rise. Understanding and preventing what causes dry mouth while sleeping will take your health and sleep quality to new highs. That’s why we’ve gathered the main causes of morning thirst and fatigue, along with quick, simple solutions to fix the problem for good.
If you always wake up with a dry mouth and pounding headache, you know how much it throws off your entire day. No one wants to wake up feeling bad, worn down, or in pain. So how can you finally stop waking up with a headache? The answer lies in understanding what causes morning head pain to begin with. Once you identify the culprit causing your pain, you can take the proper steps to remedy the situation. For example, your morning headaches could be caused by something as simple as a food allergy or an undiagnosed sleep disorder. We’ve gathered all of the common causes of morning headaches (and their solutions) so that you can finally wake up feeling refreshed, restored, and, most importantly, headache-free.
Most of us have issues sleeping, spending countless hours and money trying to find the perfect solutions. When it comes to snoring, many of us have tried device after device and countless “quick fixes.” Most of the effort provides little to no results. However, the answer to achieving better sleep lies directly on your face! The quality of your sleep is directly connected to the quality of your breath. If you can’t control mouth breathing when sleeping, restful sleep will continue to escape you. However, if you can make the switch to nasal breathing, quality, unfragmented sleep is yours. That’s why we’ve gathered three quick tips that actually work to help you control mouth breathing as you sleep.
As humans, we’re fortunate enough to have two methods of respiration - through our noses, and through our mouths. However, not all breathing is created equal. As it turns out, breathing through our noses is the far superior method of respiration. 
Mouth taping at night is not just a fad started by biohackers and yogis. It has benefits founded in concrete science that we should all be taking advantage of. Uncover the six key health benefits of mouth taping while you sleep, and how you can safely get started with mouth taping.
Mouth breathing at night can lead to a variety of short-term and long-term health issues. However, until recently, determining the way that we breathe while sleeping has been mostly beyond our control. In this article we'll explore the many reasons that mouth breathing at night should be avoided, and the simplest, most effective solution to stopping mouth breathing in its tracks.
Not all breathing is created equal. When compared to mouth breathing, there are countless benefits of nose breathing that can have significant short and long term effects on your health. Nose breathing benefits include protecting your respiratory system, boosting your dental hygiene, increasing physical and cognitive performance, and more! 
When you sleep, do you breathe through your mouth, or through your nose? Many of us have never given this question any thought. However, mouth breathing at night has several adverse effects that can lead to both short-term and long-term health problems.
Waking up with a dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, but it can lead to a variety of short and long-term health issues. In this article, we'll explore what causes you to wake up with a dry mouth, why it should be a concern, and how you can put a stop to it with one simple step.
A perfect night of sleep often seems like a dream. We all know what it’s like, but it’s basically impossible to get it. And who could blame us? But it doesn’t have to be that way.
This simple habit is the best CPAP machine hack for overcoming mouth breathing and optimizing this sleep apnea treatment.