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Customer Spotlight: How Steve went from chinstraps and mouth leaks to blissful CPAP sleep

Customer Spotlight: How Steve went from chinstraps and mouth leaks to blissful CPAP sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep with a CPAP machine seems near impossible. Furthermore, meeting all of the tricky compliance requirements to make sure that your machine is paid for by insurance is a headache. The comforting news is that you aren’t alone. More than 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, and a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is the best form of treatment. Before you give up hope, listen to how Steve conquered his struggle with CPAP compliance.

CPAP mouth leaks

Mouth Leaks: A CPAP User’s Worst Enemy 

Steve is just like you. He suffers from sleep apnea. In fact, after undergoing a sleep test, he found out that he was having as many as a jaw-dropping 44 apneas per hour! After getting started with CPAP therapy, he tried everything to keep his CPAP compliance rates where they should be. No matter what he tried, pesky mouth leaks rendered his machine ineffective. Let’s take a closer look at why mouth leaks are such a problem.

When your mouth opens during CPAP therapy, air delivered from your mask through the nose exits out of the mouth before reaching the airway. This leads to low compliance rates and can even cause you to wake up repeatedly throughout the night. Leaks caused by an open mouth aren’t unusual. So what causes them, you might be wondering? When we sleep, our jaws relax, causing the mouth to fall open. Beyond that, we can’t exactly remember to keep our lips sealed when we’re unconscious and asleep. That’s why there are accessories on the market designed to keep the mouth closed during sleep. However, they don’t always get the job done. 

CPAP mouth leaks chinstrap

Chin Straps Aren’t The Answer

Like many, Steve tried a chin strap to keep his mouth from falling open and get the restful sleep he had been dreaming of. A chin strap wraps around the bottom of the chin, up around the sides of your face, all the way to the top of the head. As you can imagine, chin straps aren’t known for being even the least bit comfortable. With a chin strap, leaks through the lips are still possible, which was a huge disappointment for him. 

“I found out that I'm a mouth breather, so we tried everything possible. That's when we went to the chin straps and even the best ones to start with aren't're not getting the therapy. Your mouth can be shut tight. But your lips - they still move. So the air is coming through your teeth and you're still not getting the therapy you need.”

Steve Ditched A Chin Strap For Mouth Tape Strips 

Clearly, a chin strap wasn’t helping. After struggling with a chin strap for a while, Steve finally ran into SomniFix mouth tape strips. He tried mouth tape first in combination with his chin strap and it worked to keep his mouth sealed through the night. Then he decided to try the tape without the chin strap. To his surprise, he never needed a chin strap after that again! 

“Right away, I noticed that [the mouth tape] kind of holds your mouth shut, too. So I tried it without the chin strap. Once we did that, I was set, I never needed a chin strap again...It made it so much easier to get used to doing this therapy.”

CPAP mouth leaks

Mouth Taping Provides an Unexpected Health Boost

From that moment on, all he needed was SomniFix mouth tape and his CPAP mask to get a restful, compliant night of therapy every single evening. Not only does he sleep well thanks to his CPAP machine, but he also wakes up well rested due to the benefits of nasal breathingthat SomniFix provides by preventing mouth breathing, including: 

  • Better cognitive performance
  • Improved oral health
  • No more snoring
  • Enhanced production of nitric oxide 
  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers stress levels
  • No more dry mouth in the morning 

  • You could be like Steve, too. Our strips are specially designed to keep your mouth from falling open during sleep. This eliminates any chance of mouth leaks, meaning that your CPAP can do what it’s designed to do. On top of that, you can rest easy and improve your health via nasal breathing - all while you sleep! It doesn’t get much better than that. 

    CPAP mouth leaks

    Say Goodbye To Mouth Leaks Forever 

    CPAP therapy is useless if your lips don’t remain sealed. Chin straps and other pesky accessories do more harm than good. Mouth tape is an easy and comfortable alternative to finally get the CPAP therapy and sound sleep you’ve wanted all along. Get acquainted with successful, no-fuss sleep by adding SomniFix to your CPAP regimen tonight. 

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