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Sleep apnea is challenging enough on its own. However, getting used to your CPAP machine is even trickier. If your CPAP therapy isn’t compliant, you may not only be left to pay the total cost of the machine on your own, but your health will suffer. If under-treated, sleep apnea causes sleep fragmentation, fatigue, irritability, cardiovascular complications, decreased focus and concentration, and more. That’s why compliant CPAP therapy is the difference between hurting or harming your health. Many patients find CPAP therapy to be loud, uncomfortable, and bulky, but there are ways to achieve compliant therapy comfortably. We’ve gathered all of the details explaining what CPAP compliance is and why it matters so that you can get the most out of your CPAP machine use.
It’s no secret that many adults have a hard time getting the quality shut-eye they need. With our stressful lifestyles, a consistent night’s rest is a necessity for keeping our health in check. However, millions of adults suffer from at least one sleep disorder. Among those, sleep apnea is the most common. Once diagnosed, is sleep apnea a condition that you’re bound to suffer from forever? Or can it be cured? The answer, although tricky, may surprise you -- and is largely dependant on which type of sleep apnea you specifically have. No matter the type you suffer from, multiple treatment options are available to help reduce symptoms, boost your quality of life, and improve your sleep quality over time. 
A common gripe that many sleep apnea sufferers complain about is CPAP leaks. They’re noisy, loud, and can harm the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. Not only that, but they can keep you and your partner wide awake at night. Aside from causing discomfort, CPAP leaks can reduce the pressure delivered to your airway, allowing it to collapse. Leaks occur for many reasons, such as a poor fit, dirty equipment, or worn-out gear. With regular cleaning, maintenance, and replacements, you may still experience mouth leaks if you mouth breathe at night. Accessories can help ensure a proper lip seal so that you can say goodbye to mouth leaks for good. For example, you can boost the quality of your CPAP with mouth breathing tape.
A large number of Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Many go undiagnosed or give up on treatment, which can be detrimental to one’s health. Sleep apnea leads to periods of shallow breathing or periods where breathing stops altogether. As a result, oxygen levels in the blood can reach dangerous lows. Over time, low oxygen causes a multitude of health problems, including an increased risk of cardiac arrest (or even death). That’s why it’s so important to treat sleep apnea consistently and efficiently. Your sleep quality (and life) literally depend on it.
Getting a good night’s sleep with a CPAP machine seems near impossible. Until now! Discover how our customer, Steve, went from CPAP frustration to CPAP nirvana by building SomniFix into his nightly routine.
When starting out with CPAP therapy, doctors and other users may recommend the use of a chin strap to help boost the effectiveness of your therapy. But what exactly is a CPAP chin strap? How does it work? And will it actually make a significant difference? Uncover how to get the most our of your CPAP device.
Mouth breathing is the number one enemy of CPAP Compliance. When air escapes through your mouth, it renders the device ineffective. Uncover how you can instantly stop mouth breathing, significantly increasing your Compliance score and the effectiveness of your therapy as a result.
Struggling to meet the CPAP Compliance levels required by your medical insurer? Or simply want to increase the effectiveness and reliability of your CPAP therapy. Uncover the ultimate way to significantly increase your CPAP Compliance levels, tonight!
Your CPAP Compliance Report provides crucial information on how effectively you are receiving the desired CPAP therapy. It also determines whether you meet the minimum Compliance level required by your medical insurer or employer. Uncover how to access your report and understand what it all means.
Ensuring that you are achieving CPAP Compliance is critical to maintaining coverage from your medical insurance provider. Uncover exactly what goes into calculating CPAP Compliance and what can be done to increase your Compliance Score.
Not quite meeting the required level for CPAP Compliance? Here are six factors that could be holding you back. Uncover how to significantly improve the effectiveness - and the comfort level - of your CPAP device. A great night's sleep with a CPAP is possible, see how.