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Professional athletes and celebrities alike have hopped aboard the mouth taping trend. But it’s more than just a popular fad – mouth tape is here to stay! Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Graham, and professional athletes Erling Haaland and Iga Swiatek swear by mouth tape for a reason. Mouth taping promotes nasal breathing, the most efficient method of oxygen delivery. Nasal breathing is key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Moreover, it leads to enhanced sleep quality, so you’ll wake feeling more refreshed than ever if you sleep with tape over your lips. Although it sounds outlandish, the idea has roots in ancient somatic breathwork practices that rely on nasal breathing for parasympathetic activation. Nitric oxide produced during nasal breathing shifts the body into a relaxed, restful state for improved general health.
Chances are, you’ve heard of the Wim Hof method at some point or another. This technique, created by Dutch athlete Wim Hof, involves combining controlled breathwork with cold exposure. Many claim that Wim Hof workshops are a secret weapon for improving wellness and longevity, while others question whether the method is just the latest health fad. Before you write off the Wim Hof method, consider that the benefits of both cold therapy and breathwork are backed by scientific research. For example, many athletes rely on ice baths to recover from exertion quicker, while controlled breathing techniques have been used for centuries to improve focus, concentration, and mood. Wim Hof himself has participated in recent research that validates the immune-boosting benefits of his breathwork and cold therapy practices.
You’ve probably heard many different tips and tricks that may help make running easier. Whether it’s how to pace yourself, your stance, or the timing of your breath, we’re all looking for a way to gain an edge and run with ease. It might surprise you to learn that the way you breathe can make or break your running performance. Mouth breathing hinders it, while nasal breathing boosts it. There are various benefits of nose breathing while running. For example, the nose boosts oxygenation rates, takes the body out of fight or flight mode, and helps us run faster and harder for longer distances by increasing endurance. We’ve gathered the top three benefits of nose breathing while running to help keep you on your A-game no matter what your run throws your way.
The keys to being a great football player are well understood. But what if we told you there was a little-known way to give you an edge over your competition? And what if it was as simple as changing how you breathe?
Baseball: America’s favorite pastime. It’s no surprise that so many enjoy playing. But what you may find surprising is that there is a simple key to boosting your performance on the diamond: changing the way you breathe.
Tennis is beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, people who work on tennis training more than three days per week have been shown to report better health in comparison to those who don’t. Regardless of your reason for playing, nasal breathing can help you take your game up a notch.
Looking to gain an edge on the course? Whether you hit the course as a hobby or a profession, many people are surprised to learn that nasal breathing (yes, breathing through your nose) can give you a competitive edge and help you take your performance to the next level. Here’s how. 

The answer to improved performance and endurance on the soccer field isn’t a fancy sports drink or overly expensive gear. Get a kick out of this: it’s your nose! By breathing through the nose instead of the mouth, you’ll be ready to go at every soccer training exercise and kickoff.

Whether you’re young or old, experienced or a beginner, the way you breathe while doing yoga and completing different poses makes a difference. Nasal breathing rather than mouth breathing can take your downward dog to the next level while also helping you to perform better with every session.

Strength training and weight lifting help us improve our health by increasing muscle mass. For optimal weight training, form, intensity, nutrition, and recovery are all paramount. But what many people don’t understand is that the way you breathe while you lift weights - and while you rest -  can make or break your progress in the gym. 
What if there was a way to “hack” running for better performance? Surprisingly, there is! Whether you’re an experienced runner or you’re just getting started, find out how nose breathing can help you get the most out of your run.
Whether you’re into road cycling, mountain biking, BMX, or you like to hit the Peleton bike for your workouts, the way you breathe while cycling matters. Nasal breathing is the superior method of breathing, and along with the health benefits it boasts, it can also help you perform better on your next ride.