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Chances are, you’ve heard the term “mouthbreather” used to put someone down or call them less than intelligent. However, breathing through the mouth is something to be concerned about when it comes to the quality of your health. Mouth breathing leads to over-breathing caused by an excess of expelled carbon dioxide. This throws off your oxygenation, making the body work overtime. The mouth also lacks filtration that the nose offers through small hairs known as cilia. In addition, mouth breathing causes an unnatural jaw placement, abnormal tongue posture, poor sleep quality, snoring, and more. The key to preventing these health issues is to make the switch from mouth breathing to nasal breathing once and for all.
Snoring is one of the biggest relationship killers. But snoring doesn’t just interrupt your partner’s sleep -- it reduces the quality of yours. The leading cause of snoring at night? Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. Learning how to sleep with your mouth closed at night can make all the difference between a loud, snore-filled sleep and a quiet, peaceful night for both you and your partner. Decongesting, replacing your pillows, losing weight, and increasing your water intake can all help, but mouth taping requires no extra effort or added steps. It works to physically keep your lips sealed and makes mouth breathing at night virtually impossible.
We’ve all been there. You wake up and feel an immediate scratching, burning sensation in your mouth and throat. Your lips are chapped and you’re thirstier than you’ve ever been. Waking up with a dry mouth is far from a pleasant experience. There are many causes behind a dry mouth, such as allergies, medications, and smoking. But the biggest culprit is breathing through the mouth rather than the nose. The worst part? Mouth breathing can harm your health and lead to diseases that are much more worrisome than dealing with a dry mouth upon waking up. That’s why taping your mouth is an effective, simple measure to protect your health from the dangers of mouth breathing and dry mouth.
Mouth breathing harms both the body and the mind. Nasal breathing, which is the intended breathing method we were designed to use, helps to heal and protect the body and mind. The biggest hurdle? The more you breathe through the mouth, the harder it becomes to nasal breathe instead. So how do you fix mouth breathing if you unconsciously breathe through your mouth out of habit? Although making the switch to nasal breathing can be a long journey, it is possible. Decongest your nose and put nasal breathing into practice throughout the day with various breathing techniques and pressure points. Finally, enlist the help of mouth tape to ensure nasal breathing at night.
Bad breath, dry mouth, and drool. We’re taught that these are simple realities of sleep. But they’re actually a result of a harmful habit: mouth breathing. We mouth breathe for a variety of reasons, such as nasal congestion caused by allergies or illness. This can wreck the quality of our sleep, activate stress hormones, put stress on the heart, and more. By nasal breathing instead, we can amend our sleep and our health. But how do you break the habit? There are several different approaches that may help, but if they don’t provide a proper lip seal, you’re still bound to mouth breathe. Luckily, mouth tape can save the day (and night).
Breathing is an automatic process. Or is it? The way you breathe may be based on habit rather than necessity. If you breathe through your mouth, for example, you are causing more harm than good within your body. Nasal breathing, on the other hand, is how we were designed to breathe. Our sleep quality and health revolve around the nose. The nose produces nitric oxide, a miracle molecule that keeps our bodies functioning at their maximum efficiency. Nasal breathing during the day is achievable, but what about at night? Physical aids like mouth tape ensure that we can nasal breathe even while asleep, boost our health while we dream, and even prevent snoring!

Something as automatic as breathing doesn’t need to be delved into, right? Wrong. The way you breathe affects the way your entire body functions. If you breathe through your mouth, you’re harming your body, mind, and health. That’s why it’s so vital to learn how to stop being a mouth breather. 

Guest post from Breathe with Georgie. Why the way you breathe could be causing your insomnia, bad morning breath and annoying night time trips to the loo!
It seems too simple that just taping your mouth can really lead to any noticeable improvements in your health. But what if we told you that it could? Mouth taping is one of the most simple and affordable changes you can make to your life to boost your health and sleep quality. Click here to discover mouth tape.
Unfortunately modern day lifestyle has turned many of us into chronic mouth breathers. Why is this a problem? Well, mouth breathing can lead to a string of harmful health problems since the mouth doesn’t filter the air in the same way the nose does. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest concerns with mouth breathing.
Mouth breathing is a threat to your health. So what’s the best medicine? Breathing through the nose instead. But how can you make the transition from breathing through the mouth to breathing through your nose, especially when it’s an unconscious habit? Uncover the keys of how to breathe through the nose.
Mouth breathing at night is extremely detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing. So how can you stop breathing through your nose instead of your mouth? Tongue training is a wonderful place to start. Physical aids such as mouth tape are great options, too.