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How Nose Breathing Improves Performance in Soccer

How Nose Breathing Improves Performance in Soccer

Everybody wants to perform at their best. Little do most people know, the body is already equipped with the tools we need to push it harder than ever before on the field. 

The answer to improved performance and endurance on the soccer field isn’t a fancy sports drink or overly expensive gear. Get a kick out of this: it’s your nose!

By breathing through the nose instead of the mouth, you’ll be ready to go at every soccer training exercise and kickoff. 

soccer performance nose breathing 1

How Nose Breathing Boosts Endurance in Soccer

Whether you play soccer for fun, competitively, or professionally, nasal breathing can help you play harder, for longer. Here’s how.

Benefits of Nose Breathing While Playing Soccer

Kick Harder and Run Faster With Less Effort

When you breathe through your nose, your body can deliver oxygen to your blood and muscles at top efficiency. 

This is because nasal breathing enhances your body’s ability to take in oxygen and regulate carbon dioxide. 

In turn, less blood is required to oxygenate your body if you nasal breathe during physical activity. That means you’ll be able to kick harder and run faster with less effort than usual. 

You’ll also be able to regulate your body temperature better while playing since nasal breathing acts as the body’s natural air conditioning system. 

soccer performance nose breathing 1

The Nose is The Body’s “Air Conditioner”

Your lungs and bronchial tubes are extremely sensitive to the humidity and temperature of the air you breathe. When you take in air through the mouth, there is no barrier between the particles in the air and your body. 

The nose, on the other hand, acts as an air purifying system that warms, moistens, and humidifies the air you breathe. 

It also filters out any bacteria, germs, and particles in the air. This means that your nose can help you conquer high pollen counts while playing during the spring and summer months. AKA: no sneezing or congestion out on the field right in the middle of an important play. 

Nasal breathing can also help you stay in tip-top shape while your body is at rest.



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Benefits of Nose Breathing During Rest

Decrease Dehydration

You wouldn’t operate a car without oil, right? The same principle applies to the body. 

When you breathe through your mouth, you dry out the mouth and upper airway. This leads to inflammation and actually makes breathing problems even worse. 

When the airway dries out, our breathing becomes shallow. Therefore, breathing incorrectly and insufficiently can worsen pre-existing breathing problems even further. 

The nasal passages, lungs, and bronchial tubes need to stay moist. Nasal breathing helps the body and lungs remain hydrated and lubricated. 

In addition to helping to lubricate the lungs, nasal breathing can also help you recover faster from your time on the field. 

soccer performance nose breathing 1

Recover More Quickly After Being on The Field

Our bodies were designed for nasal breathing, so it only makes sense that breathing through the nose instead of the mouth helps the body recover quicker than ever before. 

This is because the nose creates and releases nitric oxide into your body. This is a miracle molecule that lowers stress levels, blood pressure, and promotes healing and recovery. 

Not only will you be able to play harder and faster by nasal breathing, but you’ll be able to beat soreness and fatigue by continuing to nasal breathe off the field. 

Make nasal breathing a part of your everyday routine with this nose breathing exercise. 

soccer performance nose breathing 1

Try This Nose Breathing Exercise On The Field

Have you noticed that many athletes bend over and breathe while playing? This isn’t necessarily because they’re tired. 

Researchers at Western Washington University found that bending over and placing the hands on the knees while breathing in between spurts of physical activity lead to reduced heart rates of participants. 

When compared to breathing while standing, breathing while bending over led to a decrease in heart rate by 22 beats per minute. 

Next time you’re on the field, take a moment to nasal breathe in a bent position with your hands on your knees. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nostrils. Then, exhale through the nostrils as well. 

Practice this breathing method in between plays to keep your heart rate under control.  Add SomniFix to your pre-game ritual 

soccer performance nose breathing 1

Kick-Off Your Soccer Training with SomniFix

Whether you’re working on a soccer training exercise or playing in an actual game, nasal breathing can help you push it and perform at your best. 

With so much to pay attention to during a game, it’s easy for your mind to slip from your breath. That’s where SomniFix comes in. 

Pop a mouth tape strip on before you hit the field to boost endurance, keep your heart rate down, and filter out pollen and bacteria from the air. 

Afterward, you can use the strips to continue nasal breathing while sleeping. That way, you’ll remain hydrated and kick your body into recovery mode. 

For quick and easy boosted performance, SomniFix strips are a keeper. 

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