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Can't sleep? What to Do if Your Partner Snores

Can't sleep? What to Do if Your Partner Snores

My Partner’s Snoring is Ruining My Sleep

If your partner snores, it can put a serious strain on your relationship. Most of us have at some point experienced that helpless feeling of lying awake at night while the sound of someone else in the room sawing logs slowly drives away your sanity. And when that person is someone you sleep with every night, it can have detrimental impacts on the quality of your sleep. If you’re one of these people, you’re what we like to call an “Innocent Bysleeper.” 

As an Innocent Bysleeper , you might hesitate to be overly confrontational about your partner’s snoring. After all, you love them and you may not want it to “become a thing.” But no matter how much you care for them, nobody likes it when someone messes with their sleep.

So it starts with a series of late night Google searches:

“What to do if my partner snores”

“Partner snoring keeping me awake”

“Best earplugs for when partner snores”

“Stop partner from snoring immediately”

“Best white noise machine to drown out partner snores”

“Couples therapist near me”

Okay well hopefully it hasn’t gotten to the last one just yet. In fact, we’re here to ensure that it doesn’t go beyond the first search!

In this article, we’ll talk about what causes snoring, the physiological key to stop your partner from snoring, and the simple solution that eliminates 90% of snoring overnight. So whether you’re new in a relationship and just realized that your partner is a nocturnal buzzsaw. Or if you’ve been in a noisy nighttime relationship for years and have simply “accepted” that you need to go to bed half an hour before your partner, we’ll have you back to sleeping in peaceful silence in no time. 

partner snores at night

What causes snoring

Before we get into how to eliminate your partner’s snoring, we need to first understandwhy your partner snores. Many people are surprised to learn that about 90% of snoring is caused by sleeping with an open mouth. When you sleep with your mouth open, you naturally breathe in and out through your mouth. However, when you mouth breathe you are actually inhaling and exhaling more air than you need. This is known as overbreathing. 

The result is that the air flowing in and out of your lungs does not flow smoothly. It causes the relaxed tissues of your mouth, tongue, and throat to vibrate. This vibration is what causes the familiar, unwelcomed sound that we call snoring.

If your partner snores because of somethingunrelated to mouth breathing, then it’s likely that there is an underlying medical issue at play. Be sure to have him or her see a physician if you suspect this is the case. 

However, the chances are that if your partner snores, the culprit of their snoring is an open mouth. In fact, snoring is just one of many problems related to mouth breathing at night. 

partner snores at night

Why snoring should be a concern

Beyond being embarrassing for the snorer and extremely annoying for the Innocent Bysleeper, there are significant health implications of snoring. For both parties, the most common issue is that snoring at night causes sleep fragmentation. This leads to an overall reduced quantity and quality of sleep for both the Snorer and the Bysleeper. The trickle down complications of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced physical & cognitive ability
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Impatience, irritability, and aggressiveness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased risk of high blood pressure, heart conditions, and stroke

On the whole, we are better at everything when we are well-rested. Literally everything. Getting great sleep is paramount to both improving your daily performance at work, fitness, and relationships, as well as your long-term health. Bottom line, if your partner snores, it’s negatively impacting you both.

The simple key to stopping your partner’s snoring

If you’ve gotten this far, you understand that if your partner snores, it’s bad for both of you. Thankfully, when it comes to eliminating your partner’s snoring, we’ve got good news and we’ve got great news. The good news is that in 90% of cases, there’s an incredibly simple physiological solution to stopping your partner’s snoring. Sleep with their mouth closed. It’s that easy! 

When we sleep with our mouths closed, we force ourselves to naturally breathe through our nose. This results in more regulated breathing, which in turn translates into silent, peaceful sleep. At last, both you and your partner will be able to sleep restfully through the night.  Plus, not only will your partner stop snoring, but they will also take advantage of the many other benefits of nose breathing.

I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds amazing, but how the heck do I get my partner to sleep with their mouth closed?” Well, remember when we said we had great news too?  

how to stop partner from snoring

Somnifix Strips: snoring stoppers & relationship savers

The great news is that Somnifix has developed a simple, affordable and practical solution to ensuring that we keep our mouths closed while we sleep. 

Somnifix Strips gently hold your lips together while you sleep, preventing you from mouth breathing and facilitating nose breathing instead. Our skin-safe, hypoallergenic adhesive keeps the lips sealed while delivering all night, silent comfort. 

how to stop snoring

Look, Somnifix is not the first to discover that simply keeping the mouth closed at night eliminates 90% of snoring. Somnifix is, however, the most effective, affordable, and practical solution. The cumbersome, uncomfortable chin straps and extravagant snoring therapies that have come before us don’t compare. 

If your partner snores, you don’t have to accept that “that’s just the way it is.” There is a solution that has helped tens of thousands of people stop snoring overnight. Suggest that your partner try Somnifix. Educate them on the harmful effects of snoring and alternatively, the benefits of nose breathing. 

how to stop partner's snoring

Beyond getting great sleep, putting an end to your partner’s snoring will remove a lot of unnecessary stress from your relationship. No more heading to bed 30 minutes early to get a head start. No more laying awake cursing their name while the whole room seems to be rattling. Nothing but peaceful, restful silence. 

Somnifix Strips are so comfortable that your partner won’t even notice that the strip is there. And, in turn, you won’t even notice that your partner is there. 

Learn more about Somnifix Strips and our 7 Night Money-back Guarantee. 

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