SomniFix® Mouth Strips

SomniFix® Mouth Strips

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28 Strips per Box. SomniFix® Mouth Strips can help you improve your sleep in a many ways: They can reduce open-mouth snoring, improve CPAP compliance with nasal masks or nasal pillows, improve oral appliance compliance, and improve nasal breathing ability. The key to good sleep in simple: close your mouth, and breathe through your nose. Fortunately, we make that easy.

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How is a SomniFix® Mouth Strip different from regular mouth tape?

  1. Breathing vent: Our strips ensure that users always have a mouth breathing route if necessary
  2. Specially-engineered hypoallergenic adhesive: It is easy on the skin but tough on mouth breathing
  3. Easy-release: It comes off painlessly and by just opening the mouth with some force
  4. No residue left behind: Other adhesives leave behind sticky residue. Our strips don't.

Why we need to nose breathe

With SomniFix®, good breathing and good sleep comes with a small stripa paper-thin, skin-friendly adhesive with a breathable vent carefully designed to keep your mouth shut but allow limited mouth breathing if necessary.

Without SomniFix

During sleep, the mouth falls open, the jaw drops, and the tongue falls backwards. This creates an obstacle at the top of the airway that disrupts nose breathing, leading to mouth breathing and mouth snoring.

With SomniFix

With SomniFix® Mouth Strips, the mouth remains closed thoughout the night, and air is channeled through the nose. With the mouth closed, the tongue rests against the roof of the mouth and the jaw does not drop, leaving a clear passage in the respiratory airway for breathing.

A snoring solution as simple as closing your mouth

SomniFix® Mouth Strips are a type of lightweight mouth tape that comfortably sticks to the lips, gently holding them together throughout the night to facilitate nasal breathing during sleep.





Why keep the lips closed?

An open mouth during sleep–and then breathing through the mouth–contibutes to poor sleep quality and mouth snores. If you are a snorer who wants to test if our strips will work for you, close your mouth and try to snore. If you cannot, then you will see success with SomniFix® Mouth Strips.




SomniFix® Mouth Strips are the safe, effective and proven alternative to other mouth taping options

It was specifically created for the lips. (Your lips will thank you)

Our breathing vent allows mouth breathing if necessary

A skin-friendly, hypoallergenic adhesive keeps the strip in place all night

It's gentle enough to allow you to remove it easily (and painlessly)

Benefits of mouth taping

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