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How to Stop Sleeping with Your Mouth Open...Tonight!

How to Stop Sleeping with Your Mouth Open...Tonight!

The Way You Breathe While You Sleep Matters

As humans, we’re fortunate enough to have two methods of respiration - through our noses, and through our mouths. However, not all breathing is created equal. As it turns out, breathing through our noses is the far superior method of respiration. Increased relaxation, dry mouth prevention, improved physical and cognitive performance, and a boosted immune system are just a few of advantages nose breathing provides over mouth breathing. Knowing this, we can make a conscious effort to nose breathe more often when we are going about our daily routine. But what about when we’re unconscious? That is, when we’re sleeping. While asleep, we lose our ability to consciously keep our mouths closed and therefore we can miss out on ~8 hours of beneficial nose breathing. In this article we’ll walk through how to stop sleeping with your mouth open instantly using SomniFix Strips. Let’s dive in!

stop sleeping with mouth open

Why You Should Stop Sleeping with Your Mouth Open

Before explaining how to stop sleeping with your mouth open, it’s worth understanding the underlying motivation for this. As mentioned previously, there are two different methods of breathing - nose breathing and mouth breathing. While we can make a conscious effort to nose breathe throughout the day, we lose that control once we fall asleep. 

While sleeping, our jaws tend to relax making it easy for our mouths to fall open. When our mouth falls open, we default to mouth breathing. Just try to nose breathe with your mouth open, it’s very unnatural. This leads to hours of mouth breathing, which has several detrimental effects on your sleep quality and your health. Some of these include:

  • Waking up with a dry mouth
  • Deterioration of oral health
  • Open mouth snoring
  • Sleep fragmentation
  • Sinus & nasal congestion, and
  • Reduced sleep quality

In order to prevent dry mouth, fortify your oral health, eliminate mouth snoring and be rid of all the other negative impacts of mouth breathing, SomniFix has developed a simple solution of how to stop sleeping with your mouth open. 

How to stop sleeping with your mouth open

How to Stop Sleeping with Your Mouth Open

Quite logically, the way to stop sleeping with your mouth open is to find a practical way to sleep with your mouth closed. By keeping the lips sealed, mouth breathing becomes impossible and so your body defaults to nose breathing instead. 

Before SomniFix, the main method of keeping your mouth closed while sleeping was the chin strap. Essentially, a chin strap is a rugby-helmet-like device that wraps around your head. By tightening the strap under your chin, it holds your jaw in position while you sleep. However, chin straps have multiple pitfalls. Not only are the cumbersome and uncomfortable making users restless, but they are limited in their ability to do what they’re intended to do. Since your lips are still able to move freely, it is not uncommon for chin strap users to still breathe through their mouths while they sleep. 

Thankfully, SomniFix has developed the ultimate solution for how to stop sleeping with your mouth open. Introducing SomniFix Strips - the simplest, most comfortable, and most effective way to instantly stop breathing with your mouth open. 

Curb Mouth Breathing with SomniFix Strips

So how exactly do SomniFix Strips instantly stop you from breathing with your mouth open? Well, SomniFix Strips use a gentle, hypoallergenic skin-safe that keeps your lips sealed. The adhesive is strong enough to keep your lips sealed all night long while being gentle enough so that it can be removed painlessly in the morning. With the lips sealed, your body will default to nose breathing for respiration. Not only does this help you avoid the harmful effects of mouth breathing, but it also allows you to benefit from the advantages of mouth breathing. 

Now I know what you’re thinking. “What if my nose gets clogged? Aren’t I going to suffocate?” Relax, you’re not going to suffocate. SomniFix Strips feature a small slit in the center that will allow for mouth breathing if it is necessary. Our Strips have undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure user safety while sleeping. 

Additionally, you might be surprised to learn that nose breathing will actuallyreduce nasal and sinus congestion. You see, when we mouth breathe we are actuallyoverbreathing, meaning that we are inhaling and exhaling too much air. The body’s natural reaction to this is to produce mucus in order to try and slow the rate of breathing. However, if mouth breathing continues this creates a vicious cycle of overbreathing and mucus production, leading to congestion. By nose breathing instead, the rate of breathing is optimal. The absence of mucus allows air to flow easily through the nasal passageways all night long. 

How to stop sleeping with your mouth open with Somnifix

The Benefits of Nose Breathing

Beyond curbing the effects of mouth breathing, SomniFix Strips also allow you tobenefit from the many advantages of nose breathing. With nose breathing, your body inhales and exhales the optimal amount of air. The slower rate of breathing allows the inhaled oxygen to be absorbed more efficiently. And the fact that your mouth is closed slows the evaporation of saliva, which is key to protecting your teeth and gums. The result is a slew of benefits, including: 

  • Improved cognitive and physical performance
  • Increased relaxation response, counteracting the negative effects of stress
  • Higher sleep quality
  • Fortified oral health and prevention of cavities or gum disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • And more!

Give SomniFix Strips a Try Tonight

By using SomniFix Strips to stop sleeping with your mouth open, you can make your sleep increasingly restful, restorative, and relaxing. Wake up each and every morning feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. 

We’ve helped over 100,000 people get their best sleep ever. With thousands of 5 star reviews, take a look at what people are saying: 

“Love it! It took some practice....but have been using for over 3 months now and have seen positive results. My biggest problem was waking up every night with a dry mouth. Now I do not wake up in the middle of the night! Better sleep!” - Lisa D. 

“Goodbye dry mouth chapped lips, snoring! Hello sleep! Easy to use, comfortable, stays put through the night. After a couple nights adapting to the mouth strip and the amazement that IT WORKS !!! - every night is a good night's sleep. Thank you.” - RJ G. 

“Deep restful sleep! I got the product very quickly, and finally used a strip the other night for the first time. I was amazed at how hard I slept that night - it was a deep, restful sleep - and how little I woke up. Also, to wake up without the dry mouth was a bonus! - Anonymous verified buyer

Try SomniFix Strips tonight absolutely risk free! Take the SomniFix 7 Night Challenge. If you don’t love your sleep after a week with SomniFix, we’ll refund your order, no questions asked. 

Great sleep awaits. Try SomniFix tonight.

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