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6 Must-Have CPAP Accessories for Better Sleep

6 Must-Have CPAP Accessories for Better Sleep

If you’re finding it difficult to get some shut-eye with a CPAP machine, you aren’t the only one. Research shows that between 33 to 50 percent of CPAP patients either never fill their prescription or quit using their CPAP due to discomfort associated with CPAP therapy. 

Before you join that percentage, consider that comfortable CPAP sleep is possible. That’s why we’ve compiled six CPAP accessories that will help you (and your partner) get a great night’s sleep. To begin, let's examine CPAP cleaning wipes. 

1. Keep it Clean With Cleaning Wipes

A dirty CPAP mask means ineffective therapy, germ buildup, and leaks. This makes the mask and machine unhealthy to use. Aside from that, it means non-compliant usage. 

Even worse? A dirty mask leads to facial rashes, which no one wants to deal with. To keep things clean and sanitized on the daily, we recommend CPAP cleaning wipes such as these from 3B Medical

CPAP cleaning wipes

If you want to protect your skin even further, add a CPAP cream to your regimen. 

2. Protect Your Skin With CPAP Cream

Breakouts caused by your CPAP mask are no joke. Furthermore, your regular moisturizer may contain chemicals that can break down your CPAP mask. 

So what’s the solution? A moisturizer or skin cream specifically designed for CPAP use, like this one from RespLabs. It will keep your skin moisturized without compromising your equipment. 

CPAP lotion

If you still experience irritation or leaks after using a moisturizer, nasal gel pads might be worth a shot. 

3. Avoid Pesky Face Marks By Using Nasal Gel Pads

Full face masks rest right on the bridge of your nose. That means a sensitive nose stuck bearing the pain of suction or pressure leaks. 

Gel nasal pads provide a barrier over the skin where it would otherwise rub up against the mask. Better yet, unique nasal sizes and shapes aren’t left out. These gel pads from IMPRESA can be trimmed to size to fit any nose shape.

CPAP gel pads 

Now that we’ve covered the importance of gel pads, let’s talk about noise. CPAP machines are known for being loud and sounding unnatural. If noise is what’s making your CPAP use unbearable, a white noise machine can help to drown out the sound. 

4. Fall Asleep (and Stay Asleep) With White Noise

CPAP machines aren’t known for being quiet. And sounds as low as thirty decibels can disrupt sleep. That makes white noise a valuable addition to the bedroom for covering up CPAP sounds. 

To add white noise to your evenings, you can either buy a white noise machine or simply use a white noise app that you can download onto a phone or a tablet. Most are free, such as this one by TMSOFT. A paid white noise app, which will likely cost around $0.99, may offer additional features such as a timer.

CPAP white noise

Noise isn’t the most uncomfortable part about sleeping with a CPAP. The hoses attached to a CPAP machine can be awkward to sleep with. If your CPAP hose is getting in the way of a comfortable night’s sleep, add a cushy sleeve.

5. Add Hose Covers or Sleeves for Maximum Comfort

If you sleep with pillowcases on your pillows, there’s no reason not to sleep with a hose cover or sleeve on your CPAP hose. Why?

Water collects inside of your CPAP hose as you use it. This water can eventually make its way into the mask, where it splashes into your nose or mouth. The phenomenon is called rainout, and it can ruin sweet dreams in one splash. 

Hose covers eliminate noises caused by the hose rubbing against your nightstand. Aside from that, they help to insulate the hose, preventing condensation. That means no rainout!

CPAP hose cover

Now that you know to cover your CPAP hose, cover your mouth! We’re serious. Mouth tape strips, which we’ll discuss next, reduce sore throat, dry mouth, snoring, and discomfort. 

6. Stop Leaks and Snoring With SomniFix Mouth Strips

It seems odd that tape of all things can be considered a CPAP accessory. But it’s actually the most efficient one of them all! 

You see, mouth tape combats the number one cause of CPAP ineffectiveness: mouth leaks. When air leaks out through your mouth, the pressure in your CPAP drops, rendering it ineffective. This causes frequent wake-ups during the night and drastically reduces CPAP Compliance.

By eliminating mouth leaks with SomniFix Strips, users can experience long, restful nights of effective therapy, without any interruptions. 

CPAP Accessories

In addition to stopping mouth leaks, mouth taping promotes nighttime nasal breathing. Why is that important? Because mouth breathing leads to nasal congestion, poor sleep quality, and a myriad of health issues. Past that, mouth tape strips can help you say goodbye to CPAP chin straps for good. 


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Place the strips over your lips to keep nasal breathing, avoid leaks, and maintain CPAP compliance. That’s all there is to it!

Invest in CPAP Accessories For Your Best Sleep Yet

Sleep with a CPAP machine doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or impossible. With the added help of SomniFix Strips - and possibly a few other accessories - you can take your sleep game from zero to hero. 

Play around with what works best for you. Combine as many CPAP accessories as you’d like to ensure that you’re getting the comfortable therapy you deserve! 

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