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6 Key Benefits of Mouth Taping

6 Key Benefits of Mouth Taping

As humans, we perform more optimally when we breathe through our noses compared to our mouths. This is even more important during sleep! The thing is, we cannot consciously choose to nose breathe while we sleep. But thankfully, mouth taping with SomniFix Strips is a simple and effective way to experience the many benefits of nose breathing.

benefits of mouth taping

1. Better Sleep

Nose breathing while sleeping triggers the relaxation response, something that mouth breathing does not do. This helps our body restore and rebuild tissues, as well as balance the autonomic nervous system. As a result, this combats the negative effects of stress and anxiety, and allows you to wake up feeling energetic and refreshed.

2. Stronger Oral Health

Sleeping with an open mouth is the leading cause of morning dry mouth and bad breath. Mouth breathing leads to the rapid evaporation of saliva, a vital component to protecting the health of gums and teeth. By keeping the lips sealed, mouth taping slows the evaporation of saliva throughout the night, helping to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

mouth taping benefits

3. Stops Snoring

Is your or your partner's snoring a contentious point of your relationship? Many people are surprised to learn that most snoring stems from breathing with an open mouth. That means that silent nights are completely possible, you just need to keep your mouth closed! Mouth taping is the most practical and effective way to do just that.

4. Boosts Immunity

Our noses are the first line of defence against harmful airborne particles. The nasal passageways filter, warm, and prime air before it enters our lungs, while the mucous membrane catches and traps germs before they can do any harm. Mouth breathing does not offer this level of protection.

mouth taping with Somnifix

5. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Nose breathing uniquely produces nitric oxide, a naturally occurring gas that acts as a vasodilator. This helps allow for easier blood flow, aiding with recovery of tissues, preventing of erectile dysfunction, lower blood pressure, and other benefits. Mouth breathing on the other hand does not produce nitric oxide. 

6. Brings Better Mornings

Do you wake up feeling groggy, even when you've got your 8 hours of sleep? Does your mouth sometimes feel like the desert when you get out of bed? Or do you often experience nasal or sinus congestion? Nose breathing, as a result of mouth taping, reduces these and other discomforts that stem from mouth breathing during sleep. 

mouth taping benefits

Great Sleep Awaits with SomniFix

SomniFix Strips are the most practical, effective, and safest way to mouth tape during sleep. Experience the benefits of mouth taping and start getting silent, high-quality sleep every night. 

Learn more about SomniFix and purchase your first box here. Try them tonight and get the great sleep you’ve always dreamed of! 


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