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simple trick to cure ED

Erectile Dysfunction? You Might Be Able to *Literally* Breathe Through It

Talking about issues in the bedroom can be awkward. Your ability to become aroused is an extremely personal topic. And numerous factors contribute to the problem. Think of your body like a fine-tuned machine. If one piece of machinery is malfunctioning, the entire machine will break down, or at least perform sub-optimally. Even if your body seems fine physically, your mental health can throw everything out of whack. The anxiety and worry about your relationship with arousal can make things even harder to navigate. The good news is that occasional issues with your sexual response may not mean you have erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. However, if problems become persistent, you are likely to have ED. 

Challenges in the bEDroom

If you experience challenges getting or maintaining an erection as well as a reduced sex drive on a regular basis, there is cause for concern. Some people are at a greater risk for developing erectile dysfunction than others. Risk factors include old age, mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, higher stress levels than normal, tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, heart disease, or diabetes. If you are overweight, being treated for cancer, or are currently taking antidepressants or medication for high blood pressure, you may also be more likely to develop ED. Without treatment, the effects if dealing with erectile dysfunction can harm your relationships and can make sex difficult. That said, the issue is common. On average, 20% of men report having issues with impotence. Luckily, there are several ways that you can treat existing ED or prevent it altogether. 

simple trick to cure ED

Ways to avoid or treat erectile dysfunction 

If you want to avoid erectile dysfunction altogether, it’s important to maintain a healthy heart, reduce your stress levels as much as possible, and pay close attention to your mental health. That means that you should consider adding a heart-healthy diet, exercise, and mental health practices like meditation or yoga to your daily routine. But did you know that something as simple as avoiding mouth breathing can help you avoid this problem? Studies show that nearly 68% of mouth breathers have some sort of difficulties when it comes to sex, such as reduced libido. 

Because of this, those with sleep apnea are at greater risk for developing ED. Sleep apnea causes obstructions in the airway that can lead to sleep deprivation. This creates a domino effect that makes testosterone levels take a nosedive. Since sleep apnea creates decreased oxygen levels in the body, healthy erections become harder to obtain. That’s why it’s important to treat sleep apnea and maintain nasal breathing while wearing a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask. 

You see, when you mouth breathe, stress hormone levels in the body skyrocket. If your airways constrict and normal breathing is interrupted, your body begins to view the deprivation of air as a threat to your survival. The body then enters a sort of “panic” mode. This causes adrenaline and cortisol to increase, which widen your airways and fight inflammation. But activating these stress hormones too often can lead to adrenal fatigue. 

simple trick to cure ED

Mouth breathing should be avoided as much as possible

Mouth breathing is also dangerous to your health in general. Air that is breathed through the nose becomes warmed through the nostrils. Hairs in the nose filter bacteria and other harmful objects in the air. Breathing through the mouth, on the other hand, causes you to breathe dry air filled with bacteria and harmful particles. This can further constrict the airways, making it even harder to get the levels of oxygen needed to get and maintain an erection. The bottom line? Nasal breathing is the easiest way to spice it up in the bedroom, and it just might be a simple trick to cure ED. 

Nasal breathing is sexy

Your nose is probably the last body part you think of when erectile dysfunction comes to mind, but it plays a huge role in sexual health. When you breathe through the nose, nitric oxide is produced in the body. This doesn’t happen when mouth breathing. The nitric oxide released during nasal breathing causes your blood vessels and airways to widen. This improves blood flow and boosts oxygen levels in the body. 

Back in 1998, American researchers presented findings showing how nitric oxide affects the body and dilates blood vessels. This  actually led to the production of Viagra, a nitric oxide - based vasodilator sometimes used to treat ED. The discovery about the drug’s connection to erectile dysfunction was accidental in a sense. The drug was originally being tested to treat high blood pressure, but erections were a common side effect that researchers began to take note of. They then shifted gears and presented their findings to support the treatment of impotence rather than hypertension. 

Since nasal breathing promotes nitric oxide, we can think of it as a sort of natural Viagra. It can improve your sex drive by reducing stress, balancing hormones, regulating your nervous system and stress responses, and improving circulation in the body. And the benefits of nitric oxide don’t stop there. Make sure to breathe through the nose during the day rather than the mouth to boost your sexual function. At night, mouth tape can help you keep nasal breathing while you get the sleep you need to feel even more replenished and less stressed. Plus, training your body to nose breathe at night will increase your body’s ability to nose breathe during the day. It’s a positive snowball effect!

simple trick to cure ED

Spice Up The Bedroom With Mouth Tape

It sounds strange to think about, but taping your mouth is one of the best things you can do to help with erectile dysfunction. If you’re concerned about your sexual health and want to avoid the stress associated with erectile dysfunction, try nasal breathing first before resorting to drugs or other treatments. Nasal breathing produces nitric oxide that can help you get back your mojo! Be great in bed, no matter the activity, with Somnifix. Our comfortable mouth strips can be used as a simple trick to combat ED and experience your best sleep ever.

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