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5 Problems With Mouth Breathing

5 Problems With Mouth Breathing

Breathing is our life force. It fills your body with the oxygen you need to live while allowing you to release harmful waste, toxins, and carbon dioxide. There are two ways to get oxygen into your lungs - through the nose, and through the mouth. The mouth is there to help you breathe in times of intense physical exertion or nasal congestion, but unfortunately modern day lifestyle has turned many of us into chronic mouth breathers. Why is this a problem? Well, mouth breathing can lead to a string of harmful health problems since the mouth doesn’t filter the air in the same way the nose does. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest concerns with mouth breathing.

mouth breathing snoring

1. Mouth Breathing Causes Snoring

Many people are surprised to learn that mouth breathing is the culprit behind over 90% of snoring. When you breathe through your mouth during sleep, you are over breathing, forcing copious amounts of air through your airways. This causes the relaxed tissues of your mouth to vibrate, resulting in snoring. By simply closing your mouth and breathing through your nose, you can eliminate snoring in 9 out of 10 cases.  

2. Non-Filtered Air is Harmful 

Your nose is a fantastic filter. Nose hairs remove small particles in the air, including pollen and dust, preventing them from ending up in your lungs. The mouth doesn’t offer the same filtration. The nose also adds moisture to your breath, helping to keep your bronchial tubes and lungs lubricated. Cold air is warmed by the nose, regulating the body’s temperature. The same can’t be said for air taken in through the mouth, resulting in breaths that can harm or eveninfect the lungs.


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3. Mouth Breathing Leads to Dental Problems

Has your doctor ever asked if you sleep with your mouth open? If they haven’t, they should have! Open mouth breathing at night is the easiest way to end up with cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and a dry mouth in the morning. Why? Mouth breathing eliminates saliva, which is vital when it comes to coating the teeth and gums and protecting them from germs and bacteria. Mouth breathing increases the rate of saliva evaporation by 40%, leaving your mouth susceptible to an array of oral health issues. Not to mention, the mouth posture required to breathe through the mouth is unnatural for the teeth and can create alignment issues

4. Mouth Breathing is Bad For Your Health

When you breathe through the nose, your body releases nitric oxide. This helps to efficiently exchange oxygen, fight harmful bacteria, reduce blood pressure, and improve physical performance. Breath taken in through the mouth doesn’t promote the production of nitric oxide, meaning it does not assist the body or the immune system. Nitric oxide also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you relax, lowers blood pressure, and decreases stress levels. 


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5. It Can Cause Facial Deformities

You read that correctly - breathing through the mouth can even harm the shape of your face. When breathing through the mouth, muscles in your cheeks and face have to work harder than they do when breathing through the nose. This puts unnecessary force and stress on your jaw. The more often you breathe this way, especially from a young age, the narrower your face shape and upper palate will become. This means that there’s less room in the mouth for the teeth and tongue to fit comfortably, making the tongue rest on the bottom of the mouth rather than the roof. This leads to airway muscles weakening and obstruction of the throat when you lie down. Snoring, sleep apnea, and more are all a product of the facial deformities caused by mouth breathing. 

mouth breathing problems

Stop Mouth Breathing In Its Tracks

Clearly mouth breathing is extremely harmful over time. But how can you make sure you breathe through the nose when you’re unconscious during sleep?

Nose breathing is key to improved health and lowered stress levels. To continue nose breathing at night, wear SomniFix Strips. SomniFix Strips comfortably keep your lips sealed throughout the night, curbing mouth breathing and allowing for nose breathing instead. 

Great sleep doesn’t have to be a dream! A gentle adhesive keeps the lips from falling apart, helping you to nose breathe all night long. 

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