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how effective are stop snoring mouthpieces

The best snoring mouthpiece: MADs vs TSDs

Snoring - it’s detrimental to you...and your partner

Snoring is a unique health problem in that it doesn’t just affect the snorer, it also affects their partner. When one person in a relationship snores on a consistent basis, it can really put a strain on their relationship. Their snoring could be leading to sleep fragmentation and reduced sleep quality for both the snorer and the “innocent bysleeper.” This results in daytime sleepiness, irritability, and - over time - significant health issues. For these reasons, you may be in search of a snoring device, such as a snoring mouthpiece. In this article, we’ll explore what causes snoring, how to prevent it, how snoring mouthpieces work, and the most effective way to eliminate snoring tonight and every night.

stop snoring mouthpiece

What causes snoring?

Before understanding how to prevent snoring, we need to first understand what causes it. Most people are surprised to learn that the vast majority of snoring is caused by the mouth, not the nose. Specifically, it’s caused by excessive amounts of air being forced through the upper airway, which may or may not be constricted in some way. 

As it turns out, this is largely caused by mouth breathing. In contrast to nose breathing, mouth breathing results in us inhaling more air than we actually need. While this may not sound like a huge issue, over time this hinders our body’s ability to efficiently exchange oxygen. Additionally, this is what causes most snoring. When excessive amounts of air are forced through the small passageway of the upper airway, it causes turbulence. This generates vibrations within the relaxed tissues of the mouth, creating that familiar, dreaded sound that we recognize as snoring.

The fundamentals behind preventing snoring

Now that we understand the root cause of most snoring, let’s talk about how to prevent it. Logically, there are two different ways to solve the problem of too much air going through a narrow passageway. 

  1. Expand the size of the passageway to allow air to flow smoothly and easily. 
  2. Reduce the amount of air flowing through the passageway to the point where it flows smoothly, without causing turbulence.

Snoring mouthpieces are designed primarily using solution number 1. They use different methods to expand the diameter of the upper airway so that the air can flow more smoothly. They do incorporate a bit of solution number 2 as well, by encouraging nose breathing in place of mouth breathing. When we nose breathe, we inhale less air per breath, therefore avoiding the turbulence issues created by overbreathing. 

Snoring mouthpieces - what are the options?

When it comes to snoring solutions, there are a variety of devices available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Two of those options fit into what we call “snoring mouthpieces,” which are devices that are worn at least partially inside the mouth while sleeping. The two different types of snoring mouthpiece are Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) and Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs). These devices use two different methods to achieve the same outcome, which is to expand the diameter of the upper airway to reduce or eliminate turbulence.

mandibular advancement device snoring mouthpiece

Mandibular Advancement Devices

As the name suggests, MADs are snoring mouthpieces designed to advance the bottom part of the jaw - the mandible - forwards. It is essentially a mouthguard that is offset, in order to hold the bottom jaw in a forward position. This works to prevent the tongue from falling back and collapsing on the upper airway. As a result, the perimeter of the passageway is kept in a maximized position throughout the night, allowing air to flow more easily. 

Although this sounds effective, in practice MADs actually have some significant issues. If shifting your jaw forwards sounds a bit extreme to you, that’s because it is! Many people who use MADs wake up with jaw pain in the morning. Plus, over extended periods of use, this can actually lead to the development of an underbite. For this reason, MAD users often have to start everyday by doing the “thinking man’s pose” in order to offset the damage done overnight by their mouthpiece. No thank you! Thankfully, there are simpler, more effective, and more comfortable snoring solutions available, which we’ll get to shortly.

Tongue Stabilizing Devices

The second type of snoring mouthpiece, TSDs, are designed to accomplish the same feat - an expanded upper airway - but they use a slightly different approach. TSDs prevent the tongue from collapsing back onto the throat by holding the tip of your tongue outside of your mouth throughout the night. Essentially, a suction cup designed specifically for your tongue holds on to the tip of your tongue. Flanges on the outside of the suction cup press against the outside of your lips, which in turn keeps your tongue outside of your mouth. While in this forward position, the upper airway is kept clear and air flows more easily. 

However, this is a very unnatural way to sleep. Many people liken the wearing of TSDs to sleeping with a baby pacifier. They look a bit ridiculous! Plus, using TSDs results in frequent drooling throughout the night, so you may wake up with some undesirable moisture on your pillow. Thankfully, again, it doesn’t have to be this way. SomniFix offers a more natural and effective solution.

Want to really stop snoring? It’s all about keeping your mouth closed!

Instead of altering the position and comfort of your mouth while you sleep, a much simpler, more natural solution is to reduce the amount of air you inhale with each breath. This can be done incredibly easily by relying on nose breathing, in place of mouth breathing. As humans, we function more optimally while nose breathing. Unfortunately, modern day lifestyle has turned many of us into chronic mouth breathers. But by using nose breathing as the primary respiration method while sleeping, we reduce and optimize the amount of air we inhale. Smaller volume of air per breath eliminates the turbulence related to overbreathing, in turn resulting in silent, more restful sleep.

The additional benefits of nose breathing

Beyond eliminating snoring and providing silent, restful sleep for both you and your partner, there are many additional benefits to nose breathing at night. One of the biggest benefits is that nose breathing uniquely leads to the production of nitric oxide. This is a naturally occurring vasodilator that helps with everything from boosting the immune system, restoration & recovery, reduced blood pressure, improved cognitive and physical performance, and prevention of erectile dysfunction, just to name a few! Nose breathing increases the quantity of nitric oxide in the body, leading to better overall health and energy levels. 

Beyond nitric oxide production, nose breathing has the added benefits of:

  • Protecting the respiratory system from airborne illness
  • Fortifying oral health and hygiene, eliminating morning dry mouth and bad breath
  • Eliminating nasal congestion
  • Optimizing oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and more!

Clearly, nose breathing is the superior method of respiration. Therefore, if we could eliminate snoring by inducing nose breathing, that would be the ultimate snoring solution. Well, the wait is over.

stop snoring mouthpiece

SomniFix Strips - the ultimate snoring solution

The doctors and developers at SomniFix understand the negative implications of mouth breathing. Therefore, they sought out to design the ultimate solution to prevent mouth breathing. The result? SomniFix Strips. 

SomniFix Strips use a gentle, skin-safe adhesive to hold the lips closed throughout the night. This prevents mouth breathing in a natural, comfortable, non-invasive way. In turn, SomniFix users are protected from the harmful effects of mouth breathing, including snoring, and instead  benefit from the many advantages of nose breathing explained above. By holding the lips closed, nose breathing becomes the default form of respiration. The optimized airflow eliminates turbulence in the upper airway and provides quiet, restful sleep all night long.

Bring quiet nights back to the bedroom tonight and every night going forward by using SomniFix Strips. Tens of thousands of people have made the switch to SomniFix and are now getting the best sleep they’ve had in years. No more snoring, no more mouth breathing, and no unnatural or uncomfortable snoring mouthpiece required. 

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