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The Best Nose Strips for Snoring Prevention

The Best Nose Strips for Snoring Prevention

There seems to be a gadget or gizmo for almost everything these days, and it’s usually difficult to discern which ones are a gimmick and which ones are the real deal. 

When it comes to snoring, there are many devices and products out there that claim to put the noise to an end. Nasal strips, however, are tried and true. 

You may not know it, but there are several different types of nasal dilators that can prevent snoring, boost your sleep quality, and help you feel well-rested. 

We’ve taken out the guesswork and rounded up the five best nose strips for snoring prevention.  Before we discover the best options, let’s first discuss the importance of opening up the nasal passageways at night. 

Why Achieving Nasal Breathing is So Beneficial

When you breathe through your mouth, the tissues in your airway fall backward, obstructing the throat. These tissues vibrate together as you breathe, leading to the unpleasant sound of snoring. 

Not only can this keep your partner awake, but it fragments your sleep as well. Snoring and mouth breathing both diminish sleep quality, cause you to wake up throughout the night, and may even be damaging to your health. 

This is because we weren’t designed to use our mouths to breathe. The mouth is intended for eating and drinking, while the nose is for breathing. 

Breathing through the nose helps to lubricate the nostrils and airway, moisturize the sinuses, prevent illness, improve oxygenation, and more. 

The nose adds moisture to the air we breathe and filters out pathogens and germs. On top of that, nitric oxide, known as a miracle molecule, lowers stress levels, improves brain function, and promotes heart health. 

Better yet, breathing through the nose cuts your chances of snoring down tremendously. In fact, research proves it. But how do you train yourself to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth if you’re asleep?

That’s where nose strips for snoring prevention come in. Nose strips, also known as nasal dilators, work by keeping the nasal passages open and free from collapse, encouraging nasal breathing over mouth breathing. 

There are two main types: external nasal dilators and internal nasal dilators. 

External and Internal Nasal Dilators 

Some nasal dilators work to open nasal passages from the inside of the nose, while others work from the outside of the nostrils. 

Regardless of whether a nasal dilator works internally or externally, they allow air to enter the nose, pass through the airway, and enter the lungs. 

If you have any sort of obstruction such as congestion, allergies, or polyps, nasal dilators help to open up the nostrils and allow air to pass through despite the blockage (in most cases). 

External dilators are the most popular in the world of snoring prevention. They’re made of a flexible, yet stiff material designed to work as a “spring.” 

The bottom of the strip has an adhesive that sticks to the nostrils. Once you’ve placed a strip on your nose, it “springs” back out, pulling the sides of the nose open and preventing collapse. 

These strips work for noses of all shapes and sizes. Since they go on the outside of the nose, they’re especially helpful for those with a deviated septum. 

Internal nasal dilators, on the other hand, open the nasal passages by working from inside the nose. They are typically made of plastic and include two nostril pieces with a small connector in the middle. 

Once you place the dilator into the nostrils, it pushes itself outwards, expanding the nostrils from within. 

Now that we’ve discussed the differences between external and internal dilators, let’s cover the best ones for snoring prevention. 

1. Best Overall Nose Strip for Snoring: Breathe Right

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of Breathe Right nasal strips. They’re arguably the most popular external nasal dilator currently on the market. 

This particular nose strip brand claims to open up nasal passages 38% more effectively than decongestant sprays, which improves both breathing and snoring. 

These strips are hypoallergenic and come in many different options, such as clear, cream, extra strength, or lavender-scented for a calming effect. 

When it comes to price, a pack of 30 disposable strips is around $12, meaning each strip costs roughly 40 cents. 

2. Most Affordable External Dilator: Clear Passage

Clear Passage may not be as recognizable as Breathe Right, but their strips function just as well; they claim that their strips feature a “Smart-Flex Technology” that offers a 20% superior hold in comparison to competitors. 

Clear Passage offers both tan and clear strips, as well as an extra-strength option. 

Pricing for these strips is a bit lower than Breathe Right. A pack of 50 costs about $19.29, or 38 cents per strip. 

3. Best Internal Nasal Dilator: Mute by Rhinomed

Internal nasal strips may seem intimidating, but they can be a huge help if external nose strips for snoring don’t seem to cut it for you. 

Mute is an internal nasal dilator that reduces snoring and opens nasal passages from the inside of the nostrils. 

Unlike other nasal dilators, the pieces that insert into the nostrils are much shorter in length, leading to a comfortable fit. 

Better yet, Mute offers a trial pack that features three sizes: small, medium, and large. That means you’re sure to find a customized fit for your nose. 

Mute also claims that their internal dilator increases airflow through the nose 38% more efficiently than nasal strips. 

The cost for the trial size is $14.99, or about $4.99 per dilator. Although this is a greater initial cost, these dilators are reusable, making them more cost-effective than disposable nose strips. 

4. Most Innovative Option: New Anti-Snoring FlexClip

The FlexClip is an internal nasal dilator that halts snoring and improves airflow with the use of therapeutic magnets. 

The FlexClip is made of a soft silicone, which rests inside of the nostrils. The magnets, located on the ends of the inserts, help to widen the nostrils without any unnecessary material. 

This dilator is reusable and only costs $19, which is comparable to one box of disposable nose strips for snoring prevention. You’ll also get a case to keep your device stored safely and securely. 

More importantly, if you buy two for $38, you’ll get a third one for free. 

Add Mouth Tape For Improved Snoring Prevention

No matter the nasal dilator or strip you choose, you may still breathe through your mouth as you sleep. Nasal strips don’t actually prevent the mouth from falling open, so mouth breathing is still possible. 

That’s why you need to tape your mouth in combination with your nasal dilator. Mouth tape helps you nasal breathe as you sleep without a second thought. 

It keeps your lips sealed, encouraging nasal breathing. As a result, you’ll sleep better, stop snoring for good, improve your overall health, and wake up renewed. 



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However, all tape isn’t created equal. Our strips, on the other hand, are perfect for even the most sensitive skin. 

SomniFix Mouth Strips are free from latex and gluten and made with a hypoallergenic, gel-like adhesive that’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing mouth tape. 

Combine SomniFix and nose strips for ultimate snoring prevention and a great night’s sleep.

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