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Looking for a New Year's Resolution? 5 Reasons to Consider Mouth Taping

Looking for a New Year's Resolution? 5 Reasons to Consider Mouth Taping

With every new year, there’s a chance to wipe the slate clean, create new goals, shift our focus, and set an intention for the next 365 days (or even for the rest of our lives).

This is the time to get creative, experiment, be spontaneous, and try new things Mouth taping is one of them. 

It sounds peculiar at first, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to maintain a proper lip seal, promote nasal breathing, and reap all of the health benefits that come along with it. Here are five reasons to try mouth taping in 2021, starting with the best reason of all: better sleep! 



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1. Experience Quality Sleep...and No More Snoring!

You read that right. Mouth taping eliminates the vast majority of snoring by getting rid of its #1 cause: an open mouth. With the mouth closed, the flow of air through the nose is slower and more controlled, reducing vibrations and eliminating that familiar, annoying sound of snoring.

Beyond that, nose breathing during sleep activates your body’s “rest and digest” response, which is the opposite of the “fight or flight” response activated by mouth breathing. This is thanks to the parasympathetic nervous system, which is triggered by nasal breathing and the nitric oxide that it releases.

As a result, the body can rebuild tissues, reduce the symptoms of stress, decrease anxiety, and help you wake up feeling energized instead of lethargic. You’ll also fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Who doesn’t want that? 

Aside from improved sleep, nasal breathing and mouth taping can also boost your immune system, which is something we’re all trying to do in 2021. 

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2. Nasal Breathing Boosts Immunity

It may not seem like our noses play a huge role in keeping us healthy, but they’re the body’s first defence against germs and particles in the air. 

Mouth breathing offers no germ-fighting filtration. There is no first line of defence against harmful particles in the air. 

Nasal breathing, on the other hand, does. Our nasal passageways filter the air before it hits our lungs while also warming and humidifying the breath. Mucous membranes stop germs in their tracks, trapping them from entering the body and causing any damage. 

mouth taping benefits

3. Tape Your Way to Weight Loss

Breathing through the nose instead of the mouth helps the body to process oxygen, which the body turns into carbon dioxide and expels. But did you know that we also breathe out fat molecules along with carbon dioxide?

Long story short, the better your body is at metabolizing oxygen, the better your performance will be during a workout. That translates to more efficient weight loss!

To incorporate nasal breathing into your workout routine, try mouth taping when warming up or cooling down. Then, add it to your workouts themselves until you build up to mouth taping during the length of your entire workout. 

The more efficient breath caused by nasal breathing during exertion will also help you sleep better at night since physical activity and nasal breathing help to combat insomnia

mouth taping benefits

4. Improved Cognitive Performance and Lower Blood Pressure

Nasal breathing causes vasodilation, or a widening of the blood vessels. The enhanced flow of oxygen helps the body run like a well-oiled machine while also lowering blood pressure. 

This means improved cognitive performance and boosted energy. In fact, studies have shown that nasal breathing leads to “laser-like” focus and can even help with hand-eye coordination. 

Takes the term “just breathe” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? By simply nasal breathing, you’ll be able to knock out any other achievements or changes you’re hoping to make in 2021 with improved focus and mental clarity. 

mouth taping benefits

5. Decrease Dentist Visits with Stronger Oral Health

When you sleep with an open mouth, you’re sure to wake up with bad breath and a dry mouth. This is because mouth breathing causes the saliva to evaporate. 

Why is this bad news? Saliva protects the gums and teeth from harmful bacteria. Without it, the gums and teeth are left defenceless against plaque and germs. 

Mouth taping helps to prevent this problem by keeping the mouth closed and the lips sealed. That way, saliva can do its job throughout the night, helping to prevent gum disease, slow tooth decay, and keep cavities at bay.

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Tape it Up in 2021

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding mouth taping to your nightly routine as we enter a new year. Better sleep, boosted immunity, weight loss, lowered blood pressure, improved focus, and stronger oral health can all be yours simply by popping a mouth tape strip on. 

Our strips are made with comfort in mind and feature a gel-like adhesive that’s gluten-free and latex-free. Make them your secret weapon in 2021 to make your resolutions a reality!

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