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4 Ways to Get Great Sleep With a CPAP Device

4 Ways to Get Great Sleep With a CPAP Device

continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is the single most important weapon against sleep apnea. But it can also be difficult to use and get used to. Your mask and machine can make it hard to get a quality night’s sleep, whether it be the noise, the sensation of the mask on your face, or the effectiveness of the particular unit you have. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you achieve a solid night’s rest - mask and all. 

1. Consider Different Mask Options

The current mask you have doesn’t have to be the mask you’re stuck with. There are three common types of CPAP masks on the market today: full face masks, nasal masks, and nasal pillows. If you’re a chronic mouth breather, your doctor will likely recommend a full face mask, which covers both the nose and mouth. However, these can be uncomfortable compared to the more minimalistic nasal masks or nasal pillows. If your full face mask causes discomfort, consider making the switch to a nasal mask plus SomniFix Strips. The SomniFix Strip will curb mouth breathing and this combination is significantly more pleasant than a cumbersome full face mask or a chin strap.

CPAP discomfort

2. Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Fit

The correct mask fit can make all the difference in your sleep quality. All of your straps should be as loose as possible while still keeping a good seal between the mask and the face. You should be able to gently pull and feel a snug fit but not any tight discomfort. The goal is to have a secure enough fit that the mask can keep a proper seal without feeling uncomfortable. You should evaluate the fit of your mask weekly since cleaning and use can cause straps to constrict or loosen. 

3. Keep Your Machine Clean

Cleaning your mask and machine often is key to making sure your experience remains as comfortable as possible. Simply rinsing your CPAP equipment can improve your experience during use. Run warm water through the tubes daily and be sure to hang them in a manner that allows any remaining water to drip out. Clean your mask often and be sure to remove makeup before use. Replace your tubes and mask yearly, since they aren’t meant to last forever. The filter on your CPAP machine should be replaced every month. If you want to use a cleaner in addition to water, dish soap is a great choice. There are also CPAP cleaning products on the market that can help you sanitize and clean your machine safely. 

CPAP mouth tape

4. Add Mouth Tape To Your CPAP Regimen 

Mouth breathing is the number one enemy of CPAP Compliance. When you inadvertently mouth breathe at night, your CPAP becomes ineffective. Want to wear a nasal mask or nasal pillow but worried about mouth breathing at night? Mouth tape is the answer. Been wearing a chin strap to combat mouth breathing but find it uncomfortable? Mouth tape is the answer. Wearing a SomniFix Strip at night helps you keep nasal breathing while wearing the mask that you’re most comfortable with for a sound night of dreamy sleep. Add them to your sleep apnea management regimen for cozy, hassle-free rest. 

SomniFix Strips have helped thousands of CPAP users go from “I can’t stand this thing” to “I can’t remember the last time I slept this well.” If your CPAP device makes you uncomfortable, wakes you up throughout the night, or doesn’t meet your CPAP Compliance requirements, SomniFix could be the solution! Learn more about SomniFix for CPAP Users here

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