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3 Ways to Prevent Waking Up With a Dry Throat

3 Ways to Prevent Waking Up With a Dry Throat

Are You Suffering From Dry Throat?

Think back to when you woke up this morning. How did you feel?

Did you feel fresh and rejuvenated? Or did you wake up with a (literal) bad taste in your mouth?

If you started your day by waking up with a dry throat, bad breath, and a mouth full of saliva and plaque, you are likely one of the many individuals who suffer from xerostomia – better known as dry mouth. 

Long-term symptoms of waking up with a dry throat after sleeping include changes in your sense of taste, a grooved tongue, oral health problems, and difficulty chewing, swallowing and digesting. It can also cause cracks and cuts on your lips – ouch!

Think your daily ailments may be the result of dry mouth? Keep reading to discover the dangers of untreated xerostomia, and how to prevent yourself from getting a dry mouth while sleeping.

Why Is It So Important to Prevent Dry Throat While Sleeping?

For the many people who wake up with a dry throat after sleeping, their symptoms may be inconvenient at best and uncomfortable at worst. However, xerostomia is an actual health condition, and untreated dry mouth has the potential to cause serious damage.

Allow us to explain. 

Dry throat can affect your salivary glands to the point where you are unable to produce the amount of saliva your body needs to keep your mouth wet. Why does that matter? Because a wet mouth is whatneutralizes the acids that are produced by bacteria. Saliva helps to limit bacteria by washing away food particles so that bacterial growth is not able to spread throughout your mouth and throat.

Saliva doesn’t just keep your breath fresh – it also aids in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Without adequate amounts of it, the bacteria buildup can lead to cavities, infections, and in extreme cases, even tooth loss. That’s one Tooth Fairy visit you definitely want to avoid!

So, How Do You Prevent Yourself From Waking Up With a Dry Throat?

It’s easier than you may think!

1. Use a Humidifier

Do you often get shocks when touching surfaces in your home? Is your hair frequently full of static? Is it even worse in the winter? If so, you likely have dry air in your house, which can cause and/or worsen dry throat while sleeping.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. Using a humidifier will add moisture to the ambient air while you sleep, and in turn, help keep your airways and mouth moist, preventing you from waking up with a dry throat and mouth. 

Adding moisture to your living environment will help support your mouth’s saliva production, a process that helps to maintain your oral health. It will also assist in minimizing bacteria build-up.

Even if you suspect your dry throat is caused by something other than dry air, such as your medication or diet, adding a humidifier to your bedroom can still help reduce the discomfort. 

2. Stay Hydrated 

Drinking lots of water during the day can help prevent dry throat from occurring while you sleep at night. That’s because dry throat can also be caused by minor dehydration. How much water do you need to consume? Experts recommend drinking two liters (eight full glasses) every day. 

While soda and juice may be tastier than plain old water, it’s best to err on the side of caution when selecting a drink from the fridge. These liquids often containcitric or phosphoric acid, and combining that with dry mouth can breed the very bacteria that cause cavities in your teeth.

Not sure if you’re currently getting enough H2O? Common signs of dehydration also include dry skin, lightheadedness, and increased thirst, amongst others.

So, start filling up that water bottle and remember to take frequent sips throughout the day!

3. Breathe With Your Mouth Closed

One of the most common causes of night time dry throat? Sleeping with your mouth open. If you wake up every morning with a dry throat and mouth, chances are you’ve been inhaling dry air all night long.

Breathing through an open mouth can very quickly dry out your airways, so it’s important to make a conscious effort to keep the mouth closed and breathe through your nose if possible, as it will help improve your saliva production. Some individuals' mouths breathe while sleeping out of necessity due to respiratory illness or obstruction. However, for many others, it is simply a bad habit that needs to be broken, and it can be, with the help of a little aid called mouth tape.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mouth taping is a proven and effective method for the prevention of mouth breathing and the promotion of nasal breathing. Individuals turn to mouth taping as a solution for a number of sleep problems, from snoring to nasal congestion to reduced sleep quality. While mouth taping may feel a bit funny at first, it won’t be long before you feel the benefits of a moist mouth in the morning.

Want to know more about mouth taping?

We’ve got you covered.

There is only one safe way to mouth tape – using SomniFix Mouth Strips.

While regular tapes can be abrasive and damaging to lips, not to mention painful and potentially dangerous, SomniFix Strips are designed specifically for the lips. They are latex-free, hypoallergenic, and use a gel-like adhesive to gently adhere to the outside of your mouth while you sleep.

Of course, safety is also of the utmost importance. That’s why SomniFix Strips feature a small, filtered breathing vent that allows for limited oral airflow if necessary. Plus, they remove hands-free!

Learn more about SomniFix and purchase your first box here. Try it tonight and get the great sleep you’ve always dreamed of!

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