A simple strip over the lips to get great sleep? SomniFix® Mouth Strips ensure that you breathe properly all night. And proper breathing is the key to good sleep.

Benefits of Using SomniFix® Mouth Strips

Deep sleep 
Proper breathing reduces arousals, which means consistent, methodical progress through the sleep cycles

Reduced mouth snores
If you snore with your mouth open, SomniFix® Mouth Strips will nip that in the bud

Improved CPAP compliance for nasal mask and nasal pillow users: An open mouth renders those CPAP machines ineffective

Immunity boost
The cilia of the nose act as a filter for bacteria in airborne particles

Lower blood pressure, less chance for heart disease and stroke

Parasympathetic response
You sleep better due to the “relaxation response”

More efficeint carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange
Nose breathing protects from hyperventilation, which leads to lowered carbon dioxide and oxygen saturation

Reduce sinus and oral discomforts
Proper breathing eliminates dry mouth, sore throat, stuffy nose, and headaches during sleep

Happier partners
Or as we like to call them, “innocent bysleepers”

Increased Nitric Oxide Production

To experience the benefits for yourself, head over to the product page to purchase a box for yourself!