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Getting a great night’s rest can change your life, and nasal breathing makes a world of difference. That’s why thousands are turning to SomniFix for better nights - and days!

Why 1000s Are Taping Their Mouths to Sleep

Getting a great night’s rest can change your life, and nasal breathing makes a world of difference. That’s why thousands are turning to SomniFix for better nights - and days!


Five Reasons to Try Sleep Strips

People are starting to wake up to the importance of nasal breathing and this one little step can change literally everything. That’s why thousands of people are using SomniFix as a great life hack to experience these great benefits.


Deeper, Better Sleep

To put it simply: SomniFix helps you sleep deeper and helps you to stay asleep, so that you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, every morning!

Nasal breathers experience:

Increased nitric oxide production

Optimized carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange

Improved parasympathetic activation

Less general sleep discomfort


Less Snoring

Tired of sounding like a buzz-saw every night? If your mouth is closed, open-mouthed snoring becomes a distant memory. SomniFix strips gently hold the mouth closed and redirect air through your nose, magically reducing open-mouthed snoring.


CPAP Compliance

Oh, those pesky CPAPs! They’re a big help, but getting them right is such a hassle. SomniFix Strips can improve sleep by helping those who use a nasal mask or nasal pillows rest comfortably through the night.


Healthier Teeth & Gums

Mouth breathing can wreck your oral health and leave you with a dry scratchy throat every morning. SomniFix keeps your lips sealed so that your oral microbiome stays fresh and healthy, night after night.


Happier Partners

No one likes to sleep with someone who is snoring or who spends the night tossing and turning. With SomniFix, everyone gets a better night’s sleep. Win-win!

What SomniFix Users Say

”I get 10% more deep sleep when I use Somnifix. Use these with a sleep tracker and you'll see for yourself!”

- Jessica E.

“I’m a mouth breather and as a result I snore. Now that I use SomniFix I sleep much better. I wake up well-rested.”

- Darryl T.

“Bought these for my husband. He finally did, as a joke!! But he was so quiet while he was sleeping that I wasn't sure if he was alive. He's hooked now, HA!”

- Jan K.

“I'm a long-term mouth breather, and I thought feeling cruddy in the morning was just a part of life. Thankfully with these, that's not the case. I can actually sip water when I wake up and not wince.”

- Michael T.

“Somnifix has improved my sleep dramatically. I no longer wake up gasping for air throughout the night and I can tell that my sleep quality has improved - I wake up feeling much more energized for the day ahead.”

- Elizabeth F.

“Easy to use, and apparently it works because my husband says I'm not snoring.”

Shelly W.

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Find out what the buzz is about with a 7-day free trial. You’ll find out for yourself what life is like when you experience all that SomniFix has to offer:

Better sleep

Improved CPAP experience

Better oral health

Less snoring

Happier partners

Fitness benefits