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Chances are, you were repeatedly told to sit up straight as a young child. Proper posture helps prevent back pain and misalignment throughout the body. That said, did you know that the posture of your tongue influences the positioning of your head and spine, too? Poor tongue posture leads to forward head posture, slouched shoulders, jaw pain, headaches, and more. But what makes or breaks tongue posture? A proper tongue posture includes sealed lips and slightly parted teeth with the tongue suctioned against the roof of the mouth at the front, middle, and back. This ensures nasal breathing over mouth breathing – which is great news for our airway health. Nasal breathing is the method of breathing we’re designed to use, but many of us are habitual mouth breathers, only worsening forward head and body posture. By maintaining proper tongue posture during the day, improved breathing and body posture follows. You can even work toward correcting forward head posture while sleeping by nasal breathing during the night with the help of mouth tape. While it may sound intimidating, mouth taping during sleep reinforces the proper lip seal and tongue posture required to keep the body in alignment.
Believe it or not, snoring isn’t normal. It’s usually a sign of sleep-disordered breathing that may lead to sleep apnea, which increases the risk of many harmful health conditions. Moreover, it interrupts our sleep (and the sleep of anyone we may share a bed or room with). So why has snoring become so popular? It’s the same root cause as the reason dental problems have become so commonplace: our jaws are shrinking. Over time, our skulls and airway have decreased in size due to our soft, processed modern diet. As a result, narrow palates, underdeveloped airway muscles, and improper tongue posture have become a modern epidemic. Without enough space for our tongues to rest, our mouths have fallen open more often than not, leading to mouth breathing. Mouth breathing causes over-breathing and leaves our air unfiltered, full of harmful pathogens and bacteria that wreak havoc on the immune system. Nasal breathing, on the other hand, leads to efficient breathing and nitric oxide production for better oxygenation. But as chronic mouth breathers, does mouth breathing treatment exist to help us make the switch?
It’s no secret that bad posture is harmful. But did you know that body posture isn’t the only posture that matters? Your tongue posture does, too! If you have poor tongue posture, you have a greater chance of experiencing a myriad of health issues. Use these tongue posture exercises to avoid them!