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nose breathing during sleep

5 Reasons to Nose Breathe During Sleep

As humans we are fortunate to have two methods of respiration: nose breathing and mouth breathing. And while many people assume breathing is as simple as air in, air out, repeat, the way in which we breathe has a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our health.

Breathing correctly is especially important during sleep. When compared to mouth breathing, there are countless benefits of nose breathing that can have both short and long term effects on your health. Let’s take a look at five of the most impactful ones. 

nose breathing benefits

1. Protects lungs and airways

Nose breathing has the added benefit of filtering harmful airborne particles out of the air that we breathe. The hairs and mucous membranes in the nasal passageways catch undesirable particles and safely transport them away before they can do any harm. The nasal passageways also warm and moisten dry, cold air that can be damaging to our lungs.

2. Optimizes oxygen and carbon dioxide levels

Mouth breathing is actually a form of over breathing, meaning that we are inhaling and exhaling 2-3 times more air than we need. This throws off our O2-CO2 balance, leading to issues such as hyperventilation, lightheadedness, and less efficient body function. By nose breathing instead, our body maintains homeostasis of our O2-CO2 levels, reducing blood pressure and improving oxygen efficiency.

nose breathing benefits

3. Improves physical and cognitive performance

Nose breathing has the unique advantage of leading to nitric oxide production. This vasodilator has countless benefits such as lower blood pressure, improved exercise performance, stronger immune system, increased brain function, prevention of erectile dysfunction, and many other benefits associated with improved blood flow. When people switch to nose breathing, the biggest benefit they notice is their energy level during the day. They have nitric oxide to thank for that. 

4. Leads to superior oral health

Has your dentist ever asked how you breathe at night? Mouth breathing leads to an array of oral health issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal gum disease. These are consequences of rapid saliva evaporation. By switching to nose breathing, the mouth maintains healthy saliva levels throughout the night, fending off harmful bacteria.

nose breathing benefits

5. Prevents dry mouth and nasal congestion

Beyond fortifying oral health, maintaining healthy saliva levels prevents morning dry mouth or "morning breath." If you wake up feeling groggy, parched, or stuffed up, this is most likely a result of mouth breathing. Switch to nose breathing to experience fresher mornings and higher energy levels. 

nose breathing benefits

Mouth Taping: The key to nose breathing at night 

Clearly nose breathing is far superior to mouth breathing at night. But how can we choose to nose breathe while we're asleep? Simple. Wear SomniFix Strips. 

The simplest, most effective way to stop mouth breathing in its tracks, SomniFix Strips use a gentle adhesive to hold the lips together throughout the night. This inhibits mouth breathing and allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of nose breathing. 

If you're looking to get your best sleep ever and experience the benefits of nose breathing for yourself, then SomniFix Strips are the solution for you. Try SomniFix Strips tonight completely risk free. If you won't love your sleep after 7 nights with SomniFix we'll give you your money back. Great sleep awaits!

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