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Frequently Asked Questions

SomniFix® Mouth Strips are a new form of sleep therapy that improves sleep quality by optimizing breathing patterns.


Mouth breathers who want to use their noses and mouth snorers who can comfortably breathe through their noses are perfect candidates for SomniFix Mouth Strips. You can find out if you are a mouth snorer with a simple test: open your mouth and try to snore; now close your mouth and try to snore. If you didn’t snore with your mouth closed, SomniFix Mouth Strips are for you.

Yes. Nose breathing is far superior to mouth breathing. The issue with habitual mouth breathing is that we inhale and exhale too much air (chronic hyperventilation). Hyperventilation leads to an imbalance in the carbon dioxide-oxygen (CO2-O2) exchange. The brain responds by stimulating mucus production to slow our breathing, causing the onset of nasal congestion. This, in turn, creates a vicious cycle that leaves mouth breathers unable to breathe through the nose. Nose breathing slows and optimizes breathing cadence, protecting us from hyperventilation. One of the great functions of the nose is that it acts as a filter for airborne particles in inhaled air. The nose warms and humidifies inhaled air, protecting the lungs in cold or dry environments. And the nose optimizes CO2-02 exchange, which in turn, ensures efficient use of oxygen in the blood.

For CPAP users with a nasal mask or nasal pillows, SomniFix Mouth Strips can improve CPAP compliance by reducing air leaks through the mouth during sleep.

Do not use SomniFix Mouth Strips if you:

Have nasal breathing difficulties

Are obese (BMI over 35)

Have severely chapped lips, or non-intact skin immediately around the mouth

Have consumed alcohol or sedatives

Have a cold, sinus, or ear infection

Have severe heart or breathing problems

Have very low blood pressure

Have been diagnosed with sleep apnea

Simply put, snoring is a disorder. It causes fragmented sleep, meaning very poor sleep quality. It is often a precursor to sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder that can lead to life-altering cardiovascular and cognitive disorders. Not to mention snoring is just plain annoying and embarrassing.

The nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating. Mouth breathing is a physiological flaw that is not easily corrected in sleep without our strips. Even if you are sure you are a nose breather during sleep, consider our strips an insurance plan for optimal breathing. You may have seen other solutions that pull at your lips or leave residue behind. You won't have any of that with SomniFix Mouth Strips.

We strongly believe that mouth taping is an excellent sleep habit if two necessary conditions are met:

1. The tape includes a breathing vent that allows limited oral airflow and acts as a filter for inhaled air

2. The tape is released just with the force of opening the mouth. We developed our strips to include a breathing vent that mimics the structure and function of the cilia of the nose, filtering air and slowing the oral breathing cadence. Our strip is also gentle on the lips, dislodging easily and painlessly just by opening the mouth. As a bonus feature, it leaves no residue behind!


They gently hold the lips together with a skin-friendly, hypoallergenic adhesive to support the mandible (jaw) and tongue. The mouth strips cause users to channel air through the nose to optimize breathing patterns. We humans are, after all, built to breathe through the nose. Somnifix® Mouth Strips make that a whole lot easier.

Yes, it dislodges just by forcibly opening your mouth (no hands needed). Our mouth strip uses a skin-friendly adhesive that painlessly and easily detaches if you need to remove it during the night for any reason.

No. Our adhesive is hypoallergenic and specially-engineered for lip contact. It is very gentle and leaves no residue.

Not at all. Most users will need about 5 nights to become acclimated to using our strips. Because many of us are used to mouth breathing while sleeping, nose breathing all night takes time and training. Fortunately, the best conditioning is wearing the strip nightly until you sleep through the night with it.

No. If your default breathing pattern while wearing the strip is through the central vent, then you should reposition the strip. To ensure that you default to nose breathing, turn the lips inward slightly while the lips are sealed when applying the strip. The breathing vent is there as a backup breathing option, and mouth breathing should be minimized.


Yes. Our strip is flexible and fits all lip shapes and sizes. It uses a skin-friendly, hypoallergenic adhesive—users often describe it as a second skin. You won’t even notice that it is on while you sleep. It has also been extensively biocompatibility tested to ensure that it will not cause lip or skin irritation. And we've created a breathing vent, so you can mouth breathe, if necessary.

Yes, the strips are latex free.

Yes, the strips are gluten free.

Our central vent mimics the functions of the nose if you begin mouth breathing. First, the small size of the vent helps regulate mouth breathing cadence, so that it's similar to nose breathing cadence. Second, the mesh layer similarly acts as a filter for airborne particles. Our users want to know that they can breathe through their mouths if necessary. Now they can do so without compromising breathing quality. It’s also there so that users can rest easy knowing that they can mouth breathe if necessary.

No. SomniFix Mouth Strips are single use. Our strips are manufactured in a clean room and immediately sealed to protect from airborne particles and bacteria. After a night's use, the strip should be discarded (by recycling) to avoid introducing bacteria to the lips.

Each box has 28 disposable (and recyclable) strips.

Yes, the box, the pouches, the strips, and the liner are all recyclable.


Ensure that you diligently wash and dry the lips and surrounding area, making sure that the area is void of any balms or moisturizers. Once the lips are dry, the strip will stick. Our specially-engineered adhesive is the first of its kind to be created for lip adhesion—but it is very gentle, so any lubricants will compromise the adhesive.

No. Because our strips encourage you to breathe through the nose, do not use the strips if you are unable to comfortably nose breathe. As a matter of fact, the inability to nose breathe is a sign that you should visit an Otolaryngology (ENT) specialist.