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How good is your sleep?

  1. Sleep Latency
  2. Sleep Waking
  3. Wakefulness
  4. Sleep Efficiency
  5. Total Sleep

Sleep latency

How long does it take for you to fall asleep?

Sleep Waking

How many times are you waking up during your sleep?


How many minutes do you spend awake during the night after you first go to sleep?

Sleep Efficiency

How long do you spend actually sleeping while in bed?

total time sleeping

Actual sleeping duration - total time in bed


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Sleep Quality based on your answers

Your result 78%

Your sleep quality is OK.
Normal sleep quality is in a range of 60-80%


What can you do to improve your sleep?

  1. Avoid blue lights 30 minutes before sleeping
  2. Lower caffeine and alcohol usage at night
  3. Get enough exercise
  4. Invest in a quality bed and bedding
  5. Try to use Somnifix strips to promote nose breathing