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Frequently Asked Questions



Are SomniFix Mouth Strips reusable?

Our mouth strips are single-use. We discourage reuse to avoid introducing bacteria to the lips.

I'm allergic to latex. Will I be able to use your Mouth Strips?

Yes! Our Mouth Strips are latex-free. They are also gluten-free and hypoallergenic.

How well does your product work for people with dry, sensitive skin?

Our strips are made for sensitive skin. Our Strips use a gel-like adhesive that is soft, gentle, and painless to remove.

I have a beard and mustache. Will the Strips still stick on my lips?

Adhesion quality depends the amount of facial hair. The strips stick well for facial hair thats 10-14 days long. If you have a mustache but no facial hair under the lower lip, you will experience good adhesion. If you have a full beard and mustache, the strips may not adhere as well.

Isn't covering your mouth dangerous? What if my nose clogs up in the middle of the night?

Our Strips feature a patented breathing vent that allows for limited oral airflow if necessary, so you can rest easy knowing there is always a mouth breathing option available.

Can't duct tape accomplish the same thing?

Ouch! Duct tape can be very abrasive and damaging to lips, not to mention painful! Our Strips use a soft, gel-like adhesive that removes painlessly and easily without leaving irritation behind.

I wear a mouth guard. Can I still use SomniFix?

Yes! Our Mouth Strips can be worn in combination with an oral appliance.

My Mouth Strips keeps falling off in the middle of the night. What am I doing wrong?

Prior to application, ensure that you diligently wash and dry the lips and surrounding area, making sure that the area is void of any balms or moisturizers. Once the lips are dry, the strip will stick. Our specially-engineered adhesive is the first of its kind to be created for lip adhesion—but it is very gentle, so any lubricants will compromise the adhesive.

I drool when I sleep. Will I choke if the excess saliva can't spill out of the sides of my mouth?

No need to worry. With the mouth closed, you will swallow any saliva you produce. And that way, your pillow stays nice and dry!

I have a large mouth. Are bigger sizes available?

At the moment, we only offer one size. Our Strips are flexible and designed to fit mouths of all sizes. However, we are always working to improve our product and different size options may be offered in the future.

I can't breathe through my nose. Will SomniFix help?

We only recommend our mouth strips for individuals who can comfortably and consistently breathe through their nose. If you are not able to do so, we suggest consulting with your healthcare provider.

I tried SomniFix last night and ended up taking it off after an hour because it felt so strange! What should I do?

It's totally normal for SomniFix to feel a bit funny at first – it actually takes most users about a week to fully acclimate to it. For new users, we suggest wearing a strip for a quiet period during the day while you're awake. This will help your body get used to the novel feeling of the strip on your lips and speed up the acclimation process.

My BMI is over 35. Why can't I use this product?

Individuals with a higher BMI are at greater risk of respiratory airway collapse, which SomniFix can’t solve (unless worn in combination with a CPAP).

I'm worried my child will become a mouth breather. Can I use it on him?

At this time, our product is only intended to be worn by adults and should not be used on children.

Where is SomniFix made?

We're a proud American company and our products are made right here in the USA.

Can I have a sample?

We do not offer samples because it takes most users about a week to fully acclimate to our Mouth Strips, rather than just a night or two. That's why we have a money-back guarantee – you will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.


How does taping your mouth closed stop snoring?

During sleep, the mouth falls open, the jaw drops, and the tongue falls backwards. This creates an obstacle at the top of the airway that disrupts nose breathing, leading to mouth snoring. With SomniFix Mouth Strips, the mouth remains closed during sleep. With the mouth closed, the tongue rests against the roof of the mouth and the jaw does not drop, leaving a clear passage in the respiratory airway for breathing.

Does SomniFix help prevent nose snoring?

Our Mouth Strips are only intended to treat mouth snoring. If you snore through your nose, we recommend trying a nasal dilator.

How do I know if I'm a mouth snorer or nose snorer?

Do a quick snore test. Lie down, open your mouth, and try to make a snoring noise. Now, while still lying down, close your mouth and try to make a snoring noise. If you were only able to snore with your mouth open, SomniFix is the right solution for you!

I wore SomniFix for the first time last night and my wife told me that I was still snoring. What should I do?

When you apply a new Strip tonight, try turning your lips tightly inwards. This will help prevent any air from escaping through the breathing vent.


Can I use SomniFix as a replacement for my CPAP?

No. Our Mouth Strips are not an independent solution for sleep apnea and should not be worn on their own if you've been diagnosed. They can, however, be used in combination with your CPAP to help improve compliance.

My chin strap is so uncomfortable! Can I use SomniFix instead?

Yes! SomniFix Mouth Strips are a great alternative to chin straps. While chin straps can be tight, itchy and uncomfortable to sleep with, our Mouth Strips are like a second skin - you won't even realize you're wearing it!

I'm confused - sleep apnea is included in the exclusion list on your website. Can I use SomniFix or not?

The reason sleep apnea is on our exclusion list is because our Mouth Strips are not indicated to treat sleep apnea on their own. They should only be used in combination with a CPAP.

How does SomniFix improve CPAP compliance?

Mouth breathing is the leading cause of CPAP ineffectiveness. SomniFix gently holds your mouth closed, promoting nasal breathing and improving CPAP compliance.

Can I use SomniFix will a full CPAP face mask?

Yes, you can use it with a full face mask, however for best results we recommend using it with a nasal mask or nasal pillows because pressure is typically lower on nasal vs. full face masks. However, we do have some users who have had success using it with a full face mask!